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[Post Game Thread] Kansas State defeats Texas, 66-65

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  1. You have serious issues. I feel sorry for you. I’ve reported your comments as harassment. I suggest you work on yourself and stop creating fictions or take Reddit so seriously to the point that you feel the need to troll people with differing opinions or thoughts because you seem to think you need to hold someone “accountable” because you disagree with them about basketball.

  2. I’m saying you’re exhibiting the same kind of behavior those people engaged in on social media.

  3. GG Aggies, you all have crazy defense. Reminded me of the old Pitino Louisville teams with the turnovers you all generated

  4. I thought the same thing but for entirely different reasons.

  5. Toppin just gave more effort on that one play than Brooks has all year.

  6. From about the Truman era onward, the remaining revolutionary move is utterly peaceful resistance. Your move is a general strike at this point, not further enriching white supremacist arms manufacturers and endangering your communities with handguns. The next step forward must be peaceful. It must be the exact opposite of 1/6.

  7. Rick Barnes for all his faults was the best coach for Texas. And they ran him out of town for the promises of “someone better”.

  8. Disagree. They should split minutes more but keion has his place on the court. He hustles more than anybody else

  9. Wasn’t he shitcanned from ESPN for being a sexist asshole?

  10. SEC basketball has shaped up recently, but for a long time I wanted to trade Kentucky+Florida to the ACC for Florida State +Clemson. Let the SEC be fully dominant in football (especially with UTA and OU now). And let the ACC be fully dominant in Basketball.

  11. The lack of Texas fans in here just shows they really don’t give a shit.

  12. This was a really good game. VCU though started making some questionable decisions down the stretch.

  13. Fred Hampton and Malcolm X we're actual domestic terrorists. Don't compare them to MLKs Civil disobedience.

  14. Well, I'm legally and technically correct. So call me whatever you want. Those guys were part of a black nationalist terrorist organization. You can't disprove that.

  15. This is nice to hear, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a complex Nolan-esque story, especially not something on-par with Memento.

  16. Memory loss as portrayed in Memento isn’t the same as DiD…which is still a plot of contention in the psychiatric community whether it actually exists or not.

  17. I'm not sure if he' Punisher level but just a kinda person who fucks people up and if they die then tough luck currently.

  18. Oh, for a minute I was excited to have a character that wasn't American. Nevermind I guess.

  19. I mean…Black Panther and his entire supporting cast, Peggy Carter, Kit Harrington being set up to be Black Knight in the Eternals, Black Widow’s being Russian.

  20. Love to see all the white people turn out and talk about the “real” problems of racism. Which always seem to be centered around white People’s feelings.

  21. I feel the Matrix Resurrection failed on every level to tell a story that actually a. Made sense or b. Moved the overall story of Neo and the Matrix forward into new and interesting territory.

  22. I don’t care what this guy thinks honestly but watching the fanboys fall over themselves to defend a capitalist piece of shit like Musk amuses me.

  23. Squatter’s rights and the movements are real and just.

  24. Why are you everywhere on this sub today defending him to everybody and dunking on auburn?

  25. We've never been #1 in the AP Poll. It matters a lot to us. Even for a week

  26. Also Wheeler played like shit and tried to play hero ball while Notre Dame dared him to shoot.

  27. The Chamber of Horrors recently for the Racers. I think this team can erase those memories today.

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