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  1. LOL so Sabonis ducked the question about grabbing the ankle first. bro sounding like a cop tryna duck accountability. put a body cam on this dude

  2. Curry aint dirty like Sabonis to try to Grayson Allen someone

  3. I know what you’re supposed to do: not grab someone's foot

  4. You have to treat him like a politician. Dude is a slimy ass weasel

  5. yall MAGATrumpers using Dray as an excuse to shit on Kerr's liberal politics

  6. One game suspension is fair imo. For reference, Love was given 2 games for a similar incident in 2012.

  7. not even close to the same. Scola didn't grab Love's foot and try to Grayson Allen his ankles like Sabonis

  8. Yes, and he got a tech for it which is what he deserved. Two bad things that happen at the same time don’t automatically become equally bad just because they happened at the same time.

  9. except grabbing his foot caused him to fall on him. that's nobody's fault except Sabonis

  10. Oh, you missed the replays? Might want to watch those before commenting on the play.

  11. saw it clear as day. Sabonis got caught in 4k with his best Grayson Allen impersonation

  12. If Shaq stomped on someone they might legit die

  13. don't grab his foot then. Sabonis got off lucky that Dray isn't 400lbs

  14. Dumbest fucking comment ever. Don't touch me or I'll kill you. 🤓

  15. you grab someone's foot and cause them to fall. that's your own damn fault if they fall on you

  16. He would legit kill the other player

  17. would be justified if you stupid enough to grab 400lb man's foot while he tryna run. Dray let Sabonis off easy for that sneaky Grayson Allen shit

  18. this sub is too white to criticize Sabonis for pulling that Grayson Allen shit

  19. racists like yall used to use the n-word as a nickname too

  20. You inferred that racist slurs were being thrown out instead of how Draymond clearly stirring up the crowd after stomoing on Sabonis chest? Deflecting with concerns of "optics" that you assumed but don't know happened.

  21. dont play ignorant. you know there's at least a 80% chance they did

  22. go ahead and yank somebody's foot down when they're trying to run. you gon get more than a stomp to the chest. white boy got off easy

  23. people don't give Mike Brown any credit for coaching those Lebron Cavs teams teams. respect to the man!

  24. The Jazz system was much like the current Bucks system where the defence is funnelled through the centre. The Lopez DPOY votes this year are a result of this.

  25. yep Jazz made Gobert look better at the expense of his teammates and now he's getting exposed in Minnesota. yet his teammates got criticized for doing their job

  26. That's literally what Ja does. He runs recklessly at the rim at end either jumps over the defender and gets a poster dunk, jumps over the defender misses the dunk but gets free throws, or doesn't get over the defender and goes crashing to the floor, usually getting free throws. The third one happened, and he got hurt. But it's the risk he takes with his playstyle.

  27. except the BS charge calls extend to all types of offensive players. some as fast as Ja, some as slow as Jokic. it doesn't make sense defensive players can abandon playing defense and just slide in on a player mid-gather

  28. But you're okay with players coming in to contest mid-gather?

  29. yes? contesting is an actual defensive play on the ball. sliding in for no purpose except to draw contact is dangerous

  30. yup. and then the offseason starts and we have to listen to the spread sheet warriors lecture us on how he's one the greatest defenders in nba history

  31. I watched Bruce fucking Brown get Gobert on a switch yesterday and drain a 3 in his face lmao

  32. Seems kind of weird to complain about this after a game where Brunson shot 4 free throws

  33. Jesus Christ this subreddit. Ja is depressed cause he got a lap dance‼️‼️

  34. We didn't have Rondo in the 1st round.

  35. did the Lakers play injured teams? it's a yes or no question

  36. I didn't even mention AB lol even though he did start for us the entire year tbf.

  37. so Lakers played some injured teams...that's all the comment was

  38. thanks, you too. here's the post if you didn't see it the 1st time

  39. but didn't you reply to me and ask me a question? I just tried to help

  40. who gives a shit about the wolves? We're talking about the Cavs

  41. cause the criticism of Mitchell started with Gobert and now he's on the Wolves where the alternative is worse?

  42. Yeah I watched every second. I don't like Mitchell's command of the offense. It seems like a "your turn, my turn" with him.

  43. seems to work better than whatever the Wolves are doing. definitely need more Kyle Anderson 3's and Gobert postups

  44. The ones they naturally would get on any team from cuts and off ball movement? JJ and Curry were assisted on like 80+% of their shots anyway. And Curry's scoring didn't rise significantly from when he was playing in Dallas with Luka versus playing with Simmons. The points that were spoonfed from Simmons were in transition, which at the number of possessions he was going when he was playing his best ball would've given an easy 2-3 extra points a game if they just ran

  45. which came off screens....Seth was also assisted on much higher % of his points in Philly than Dallas

  46. Well yeah, he was playing starters minutes. It’d be pretty hard for it to be better without him

  47. but they weren't just better, they were elite with him on the floor. and plenty of starters have negative net rating. Jazz for example had a better net rating when Gobert sits than when he plays for his entire playoff career

  48. Ofc a Bucks fan is advocating for charges to be banned. So we can allow Giannis to barrel into the paint without consequence even more?

  49. Giannis using his shoulders/elbows to charge should be called and defenders sliding in while offensive player is mid gather should be banned. there's plenty of nuance

  50. If you get rid of charging, offensive players will drive in with even less of a plan.

  51. It’s not about the players. It’s an effort by the Warriors to rhetorically recast the exciting Kings fanbase as racist.

  52. or maybe they were always racist and its being exposed now with a spotlight

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