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  1. Also good for getting out of carts. I practice them by rolling through every portal i enter.

  2. Put the 2 deer trophies in your hot bar at the top. Then when looking at the offering table at the alter press that number and enjoy your encounter with the angry disco deer.

  3. Already killed it, was trying to figure out how to activate the power. Didn't see it on the controls.

  4. Not just any old troll either. A 2 star with a stick. The baddest of those bad boys.

  5. Good work. How long did it take? I've done it by myself and with my wife and daughter and I think each one took close to an hour.

  6. Last playthrough I did I had the same issue getting the cultist trophy to complete my fenris set. Took me ages to get one. One of the other players that doesn't wear it got a trophy in his first cave. Typical.

  7. Swords work really well. I've done him a bunch of times with different weapons and black metal sword had him down in under 5mins, just at before my Bonemass buff and fire resistance mead ended. Frostner is great as well, especially the secondary attack but it took me a little longer with it due to it being a bit slower and a bit more stamina hungry.

  8. Frostner uses less stamina than the Black metal sword. Maybe you had lower skill level?

  9. It's possible my skill level was a bit lower, I can't remember. It was a while ago on one of my early play throughs. I was just responding to you saying the sword was no good, whereas I've found it to be the quickest so far. I like using a different primary weapon for each new world and the one I just started is with the spear, which I've always avoided because I never liked it. It's not so bad when you get used to it though. I'm not looking forward to using one on Yagluth though. The one that surprised me the most was the knives. Silver knives worked a lot better on him than I thought.

  10. Serious question as a current swamp enjoyer: What *do* you do with all those withered bones?

  11. I got back occasionally and fight him again to harvest ooze for ooze bombs.

  12. Gotta protect her little kids innocence by swearing and threatening people.

  13. I can see my friends and I logging in to play when we're eventually in our 50s, always glad to see older folk enjoying some video games

  14. I was a gamer before kids, it faded a bit until they started joining in. I managed to drag my daughter away from Minecraft for a while and we did our first play through of Valheim together. Then my wife got interested after seeing how much we enjoyed it so we got her a gaming laptop and we did another world with her. It's not uncommon for us all to jump on Valheim on a Saturday night.

  15. Nothing like beating down Bonemass with the family, right?

  16. We did the Queen about 2 weeks ago. That was intense, took about an hour.

  17. It looks like you probably died again from drowning in the clip at the end too...

  18. Jumping into the water with 17hp and almost no stamina made me just as nervous as the idea of cleaning up the mess.

  19. Ho, yes, definitely. I'm not carrying all that with me. I made chests right next to the entrance to keep all that, as well as a portal.

  20. You can set up a little workshop in that hidden section under her base where the one bit of wood is on the left coming up her stairs.

  21. Naming streets "rejoice" and "cherish" is a bit of a Karen move. Karens often have those cutout typography blocks of words just like these in their home.

  22. I have lived in Melbourne for 10 years and have no idea where Tarneit even is?!

  23. It's one of the new areas built off Hoppers Crossing. The only thing there at the moment is paddocks full of thousands of homes put up by volume builders.

  24. I'm fairly certain that Seekers don't damage natural rocks. Only Seeker Soldiers do, and they can't fly, so if the rock is floating enough above their AoE attack, it should be fine. Gjall events don't spawn in plains, so you should be fine there.

  25. I think I read in the notes of the forthcoming patch that seekers will wander the Meadows at night in place of the fuling after the Queen is killed. I'm not looking forward to that.

  26. That's only seeker broodlings and ticks, found what I understand in the notes. Not regular seekers.

  27. Dyck is my last name, what is the reference and how did I not find this earlier

  28. Crazy turn of events that this is posted the day after shoenice broke his hiatus and uploaded to shoenice22

  29. I can’t believe that they’re damaged by rain!

  30. As someone who has never really seriously listened to Def Leppard (I may have heard some of their hits), what songs in your opinion sound like Ghost or may have inspired Impera (as Tobias has said)? Or some good songs by them you'd reccomend? Curious to listen to them!

  31. Their biggest album by far was Hysteria. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

  32. The odd part is it's the same fish meat regardless of which fish you catch. So unless you're after a very specific fish like an Angler for Fish n Bread then there's no real incentive to bother fishing. Even then Fish n Bread only offers 5 more stamina than Mushroom omelette which is easily farmable.

  33. When my dad was fresh out of the academy, his first partner stopped and bought beer midshift, then tried to drink it while driving the squad car, on duty. That was almost 50 fucking years ago and dumbasses are still doing it.

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