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  1. This wasn't true when it was posted yesterday, and it's not true now.

  2. Every day I continue to be baffled at the things people need assistance working out.

  3. Going into the final boss at such an unnaturally high level does make it pretty easy; which is fine for me because I play for the story, not the challenge.

  4. Perhaps if you're upset about getting ran into, you should try driving faster than the guys in the middle of the pack.

  5. You are making it sound like he was in the middle of the pack, due to not being good. But he was in the middle of the pack due to different pit strategies, which is pretty common for a road course. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Or, y'know, it's just a joke aimed at agitating a total tool. 🤷

  7. Infection is a process; Wesker didn't just snap his fingers and get everybody sick at once.

  8. Link looks like that kid who's always one-upping you but never proving it.

  9. Why are they not throwing the yellow? The #2's dropping oil and the #36's dropping debris on the track

  10. They are in no way obligated to let anyone by especially since they don't have a shot at catching Larson

  11. They sure didn't have a problem letting Larson go! Flair irrelevant, right?

  12. Because he's one of the most arrogant characters on the show.

  13. Are you one of those billionaire boot lickers because this is giving those vibes

  14. Nope, just tired of seeing people throw around net worth like it means anything. Are you one of those emotionally small, petty people filled to the brim with wealth envy because this is giving those vibes.

  15. Nah just tired of broke people sucking the rich's dick with wealth envy when the wealthy should pay more taxes than I do

  16. Well I hardly think pointing out that net worth does not reflect available cash qualifies as "sucking the rich's dick". I'm also not broke (it's nice you should try it), and rich people do pay more in taxes than you do.

  17. Remember when speech was violence and inciting violence was wrong? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  18. Pretty sure they have to have all preceding limit breaks learned.

  19. If I were to ever have need of a new name, MacTavish would bey surname.

  20. I'm scrapping the project immediately; not every character needs to be in every third game.

  21. Because one is a health decision, and the other is refusing to take responsibility for your actions. A man cannot be forced to donate an organ for the continuation of the life of a child. A woman should not be forced to donate her health, risk her life, or be responsible for the child of a rapist.

  22. Yeah. I certainly wasn't about to tell my bosses I broke my toe by jumping off a ladder in the back into a stack of table-shaped cardboard displays.

  23. It's like they're so mad that their movies aren't that great anymore, and rather than just find something else to like they get all bent out of shape and gotta take it out on somebody.

  24. What about The Hobbit movies? People seem to hate them.

  25. But it's not something we fight about or threaten to blow up Orlando Bloom's home over.

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