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  1. Trying not to drop "I told you so"s over every Mavericks fan that was insistent Kidd had turned their defense around and was actually a misunderstood coach.

  2. Maybe try the Glendale rec center? I haven’t gone there specifically, but in my experience rec center gyms are mostly quiet and the people who go there are just old people

  3. Brook is having a great year and I love him, but there is zero chance he gets that spot over Sabonis

  4. It would be interesting to see what position Sabonis is listed at. When he won player of the week last week he was listed as a forward/center

  5. He was just extremely hot and cold on the Bucks. He would either go 4/5 or 0/5 any time he played.

  6. And those five shots were taken during a five-minute span

  7. The captions look like they were written by AI

  8. Lol I don’t understand how he always fields an elite defense in year one and then it just completely falls apart in year two

  9. Because he's a disciplinarian, which gets effort out of the entire roster for a while, but once other teams start to exploit them and the entire team isn't going 150 mph day in and day out, there isn't any adjustment. His entire coaching philosophy is "try hard."

  10. Any word on how that's rolling with Kyrie so far? I can imagine at least two possibilities.

  11. When he coached the Bucks, Kidd only gave a shit about the stars liking him and he had no desire to be a mentor or get the best out of non-stars. I’m sure Kyrie likes him

  12. Really hope the Bucks get to 60 this year. Would love for Bud to have ANOTHER 60-win season to add to his resume.

  13. The good news is this year more than ever they have other options if he can’t shoot. They didn’t have that last year.

  14. "The first 14,000 fans attending Wednesday’s game at @fiservforum will receive this cap."

  15. Dogfred has been known to trade caps for pets, I'll let you know if we end up with extra, we also deliver!

  16. If you can snag one or two I will make it worth Dogfred’s while. Pets/treats/anything

  17. Can we get some damn speed bumps on the long streets north of Glen Oaks? I swear dudes do like 75 on those 100-yard straightaways and then slam on their brakes to make the stop sign. It's the wild west up there.

  18. North of Glen Oaks near Verdugo is pretty chill and removed from a lot of traffic noise. A lot of apartments and walkable streets too but downtown is like a five minute walk

  19. I forget about this every year, and every year I am overwhelmed with love and horror. Thanks gang

  20. How long ago we talking? Google Streetview has a Time Machine option so you can take it back several years

  21. Unless he starts sexually harassing reporters and getting in on government spending scams.

  22. I feel bad because we absolutely wasted a dream team potential. 0 defense and 0 special teams for almost his entire prime.

  23. Ted Thompson’s refusal to acquire any outside help from free agency and letting players nearing the tail end of their prime leave without a clear replacement is the biggest culprit. The Packers lack of Super Bowl success with the best player in the league in his prime is an abject failure. Thompson, McCarthy are the biggest culprits and the “In Ted we Trust” crowd are guilty for enabling it.

  24. His arm strength was one of his standout traits, at least when he was being scouted. It might not be as great as Rodgers', but he's no scrub.

  25. Literally watch his play in the NFL. His ball has no zip. At least not elite zip.

  26. I'll wait to make that determination when he gets significant snaps, personally.

  27. Look, I want him to succeed just as much as anyone. But people are acting like was an elite talent that fell into the Packers’ lap and that’s just not at all what happened.

  28. I'm terrified for Burrows contract, not gonna lie.

  29. Burrow was gonna get the richest contract in history regardless. Then Mahomes will extend and eclipse it. Then Allen. Then Hurts. Then Arch Manning. Then Aaron Rodgers II. And so forth forever.

  30. next time he's gotta go up for a ferocious dunk and then hit the rim so he can get his rebound

  31. Honestly love this for him. Plenty of minutes to have, getting coached by Pop, no real pressure. Perfect spot.

  32. Guys he’s a good ball handler and passer. His role is to be Jeff Teague, he’s not going to play 25 mins a game or anything.

  33. Carter doesn't even really play point guard which is why people getting upset is stupid lol

  34. He plays Guy That Defends A Guard. He initiates the offense a decent amount though. I don't know if it's fair the say that the Bucks really have anyone that truly plays PG. They don't have a single guy that's responsible for getting guys into plays or being the predominant ballhandler and creating for others. They really share that role. That's the benefit of having an experienced team with a lot of guys that can create their own shot and also pass well.

  35. Honestly he’s basically a 6-foot wing on offense, which is perfectly fine in today’s game. Avery Bradley had a great career doing just that.

  36. I completely believe the multiple sport thing. People used to develop complementary muscles and not just overuse the same ones year round

  37. Range by David Epstein touches on this topic.

  38. Nwora is a NBA player, Mamu isn't.

  39. Jordan, please, you play for the Pacers now. This is not a good look

  40. Lol, I was rooting for Mamu, but he gets bullied in the paint. Have you guys been watching what Nwora has been doing for the Pacers?

  41. he's literally the exact same player with more minutes.

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