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  1. This is nothing but ethnic cleansing in another form, you fascist.

  2. I don’t care about your bs justifications. You’ve already sold yourself as a racist.

  3. Its not racist to demand a seperate country based on islamism??

  4. Remembering some dudes arguing on twitter that it will be a loss for BCCI to run women's IPL. Not sure where they are now

  5. The biggest challenge still remains, the viewership. Will 100m+ people watch WPL? Hopefully they can ensure people will be at stadiums to create a good atmosphere.

  6. This is news to me. Apparently South African politicians calling for neutrality and dialogue means my country wants to start a New World Order™.

  7. "With us or against us" is the only line western countries follow (apart from France).

  8. Doesn't make sense since Lakshadweep had a huge decline in TFR even though it's majority Malayali Muslim

  9. Lakshadweep are small islands, they cannot hold more population.

  10. I think this is an important read for those, especially the male players, who have criticised Australia’s decision. The actual women and human rights organisations rightfully have supported Australia’s decision

  11. You could probably find enough Afghan women in Afganistan that say women shouldnt play sports or go to school. It means nothing.

  12. Pakistan and Bangladesh need to save the remaining Muslims in India.

  13. There are 50+ Islamic states. Why can there be a Hindu state?

  14. Using the former Tory PM responsible for austerity and Brexit as a sports washing prop isn’t the positive they probably think it is

  15. They are probably glad he didnt start another war in MiddleEast.

  16. People will be disappointed when cricket is added to Olympics but it wont bring in new teams. Look at field hockey, USA, Russia, China, etc. barely care for it.

  17. This war is basically a blessing for America. America gets to destory their biggest rival again at loss of only some money.

  18. They are just trying to save some rep. Cricket will not be part of Olympics 2028.

  19. There was a whole generation that stopped watching cricket after Sachin retired.

  20. Those events have more teams at even non olympic games while cricket is juwt commonwealth countries.

  21. Why is cricket not being Included but then u have so many random events like cup stacking, break dancing. Bullshit

  22. I think it sums up the guys attitude that he complains about not being selected instead of just getting in shape

  23. If he can score at even 50 avg. in International cricket, fitness shouldnt matter.

  24. This is weird. Why cancel India tour for something that happened in the US and was not even related to India remotely?

  25. It was a month long time and it was expect USA would invade Afghanistan. Many people expected USA to also invade multiple other countries because thats how USA rolls.

  26. 5 internationals is good but 1 from associate is not. If associates player is good, they would make it.

  27. A leader to the end, knowing when the time is up and going out gracefully.

  28. Stepping down because she doesnt want a L for potential election loss. Right dislikes her for lockdown and covid policies while left dislikes her for neoliberal and pro corporate policies.

  29. So South Africa shouldn't have been banned all those years ago then?

  30. Apple to oranges comparison. There was a element of geopolitics to SA being banned. It wasn't due to morality.

  31. Just as there's Geopolitics here with Australia's pressure

  32. I suppose geopolitics are still involved as USA is somewhat still interested in Afghanistan but Australia is far far away. No close country will boycott Afghanistan because Taliban may just send over a few "diplomats" as a reply.

  33. Not every muslim supported Jinnah so stop blaming an entire religion. Also I am afraid BJP and folks are turning Hinduism into a non-tolerant religion like the Middle Eastern religions. They even close meat shops during Navratri. Many Hindus eat meat and buli is part of the religious rituals . This is a direct attack on Hinduism under the guise of Hindutva. They want all Hindus to follow the Gujarati Hinduism with its Jain and Buddhist rituals instead of the original Hinduism with its meat eating practices.

  34. Not every Muslim supported Jinnah is right but most did and many of them didn't leave after 1947.

  35. He shouldnt have done it but Umpires dont deserve respect when they are so biased. See what Latham did...

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