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Amy Coney Barrett Suggests Forced Pregnancy Is Fine Because of Adoption

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  1. I’ve heard among other things it causes wirey, dry hair and split ends

  2. Meanwhile, blue state tax payers who follow simple instructions like cover your mouth and wash your hands. Subsidize the illiterate southern red states. So they can pay unemployment benefits to the anti-vaxxers who’ve quit their jobs.

  3. For some reason the wise words of Admiral Ackbar come to mind.

  4. The Mariana Trench, once believed to be the deepest part of the ocean, earth. Only because there isn’t a instrument to quantify the depths of Republican hypocrisy.

  5. As a Huge fan of my purple tank, Freya. I am not amused.

  6. 1 guardian falcon or a double gullinbursti never hurts. Mad respect of doing a pull with so little battery life.

  7. Lol, I had forgotten the dire condition of my battery. It was at like 3% shortly after this pull.

  8. The medias garbage? Why? Because they told you so ya dead fuck!

  9. Is there something physically wrong with his neck. When he talks he flips around like an inflatable air dancer mixed with a drunk bobble head. If he has a condition, we’ll I’m ashamed of myself. But if he doesn’t, he’s just a weirdo.

  10. Not surprisingly, from the party whose people are so slow that many of them still won't acknowledge who won the civil war, never mind last year's election.

  11. Don’t forget their apprehension on excepting evolution and a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to natural selection.

  12. The BiDab. Pretty pathetic how he tries to emasculate Biden and degender Harris. All the while the trump administration officials had a four year residency of their community theatre run of the Emperor Wears No Clothes.

  13. Would look good in a shop holding manuals or what not. It’s pretty cool

  14. Solid source of news, yet, they needed to be told Biden won the election? Jk, they probably thought to themselves, gee, I wonder if she’s gonna tell us water is wet. Very wet in terms of water

  15. Sounds like the Q guy running in Arizona has raised like 12 bucks

  16. She's vile, but what's most troubling is that this little xenophobe was elected by voters who looked at her record and thought, "sounds good".

  17. Come on, they voted with their junk Plain and simple They would like to fuck her, so she’s moving on up in the party. Supported by Republican knuckle children and bigotry

  18. It will happen, and it should. He’s a fucking clown. The centrifugal force of righteousness and Karma will succeed. And we’ll rejoice. But it grows cold with the realization that ….. If he was, White, If he was a Republican, If he was a trump guy, It wouldn’t go this way.

  19. You’re seriously bringing politics into this tragedy?

  20. Everything is politics. Especially tragedies. Tune in, or drop out

  21. And, the black woman in Texas who thought she was registered to vote and cast a provisional ballot has 4.5 years of her prison sentence remaining.

  22. This comment was why I came. You saved my typing, and you said it better. Fuck this place

  23. He means republicans in the future, ya know They already subpoena and broadcast the tiniest of Democrats information

  24. Democrats are soooo fucking dumb! Just hoping on dangling this carrot as long as they can for votes. Meanwhile, republicans are going to snatch the win out from under them.

  25. Two versions of this have already been stopped by Republicans. One actually passed the house, but McConnell killed it in the senate.

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