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  1. Look at how the internet changed the world and the timeline of which the world turned a corner because of the internet. That will be how we should project the pace in which AI changes the world. Robotics has always been there, AI just accelerates that adoption.

  2. That time line, quite similar to the timelines I mentioned above, is in decades.

  3. We are likely, 1993 Internet timeline in terms of AI, another ~10yrs, it's going to explode. I'm actually old enough to remember using AOL, and this is just the beginning. Very exciting!

  4. Our parents live in a different time than us. Their path to success can't be replicated in our time, not without modern adjustments. Even if you inherited a business, the work environment and economy is different now.

  5. Nice , I know Yahoo has league history tracking for dynasty and leagues linked yr to yr. But I will check it out when fantasy basketball is back.

  6. These cats are terrible for defensive players. It just inflates the value of high volume, high usage players. You are essentially devaluing too many aspects of the game. It limited the knowledge of the game required to succeed. For first timers , family league, office league perhaps. This format is essentially a points league in terms of how players will be ranked and valued.

  7. Terrible for defensive players? 1/5 of cats devoted to strictly defense compared to 2/9 seemed fairly comparable to me. How is this that much worse for defensive players than a normal 9cat? Also, fantasy in general favors high usage, high volume players so why is this a problem here?

  8. In 8cat STOCKS are 1/4 the value In 9 cat it's actually 1/3 because they are usually low in TO. Add 1.5 3pt that's a valuable player in fantasy and irl.

  9. Lol. Where is someone going to save 100k in a reasonable amount of time after being scalped for rent. That's $22000/yr just in rent. Which is 22000 of this person's income that can't go into the magical 100 Grand fund.

  10. Not everyone is like your position. My girlfriend, now my wife, we worked to saved enough in 7yr for a $200k down payment on a $500k condo with enough left for a car to start a family.

  11. I know. What I'm saying is most people aren't even in your situation. You were each saving more than 1000 a month from your income. Takes resolve, and enough income.

  12. Education! Good financial management and invest in money market savings accounts for steady interest yield. Buy CDs. All can help build capital.

  13. I would move to Yahoo or Fantrax for better settings. Both supports same day waiver adds. Better interface web/mobile. More accurate rankings, especially in the preseason. ESPN rankings are an annual recurring joke.

  14. If you can pick yahoo or fantrax, which one are you leaning more towards?

  15. Yahoo, because of the uptime and a slightly more reliable stat delivery. But Fantrax is most flexible in settings to get things Just the way you want in anything.

  16. Audiobooks price won't go down, these cost savings that will only benefit the publisher. But, the process to get audiobooks converted from paperback will accelerate 100x.

  17. I sneaked in the last week to make the playoffs. Beat #3, #1, then #2 seeds to take the top prize for $425.

  18. Top 100 in missed games? Top 100 active NBA players who are washed and should've retired?

  19. Hashtag Basketball site Basketball Monster site Locked On Fantasy Basketball podcast Underdog Twitter account NBC Sports Edge site

  20. Google Translate title: Up to 70% hit rate! Take stock of the king of NBA statistics this season: Harden is on the list!

  21. Why Sleepers? Their Interface? Plenty of other options on Yahoo and Fantrax

  22. The difference is, her bonus is written on her contract. Other employees' bonuses are not. But expect talents to resign.

  23. Yawn. You're so bored you make a non issue seem important

  24. There was one at an Indian university robot competition in 2014. They used an arena with wood frame and no roof! Shrapnel flew right at a driver’s face in one fight. Worst part, they continued the event.

  25. The Indians! LoL 😂 I guess as someone from the US this is a bit confusing at first. Where Indians, for the rest of the world might suggest people from the nation of India, Americans refer to as the Native American Tribes in North America. People of India are considered Southeast Asians.

  26. Not surprised this post came from ESPN players LoL.... All my Fantrax and Yahoo leagues ended 3 weeks ago and paid out the prizes.

  27. There are DFS leagues for the playoffs. Drafting a fantasy team to succeed the entire playoffs in roto or h2h format is just a crap shoot.

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