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  1. Same. Way more versatile than a practice amp ever will be, and you get sound quality that's incomparable with a good set of monitors or headphones. I find practicing through monitors is the best way to hear inconsistency in my technique and really dig deep into becoming a better player.

  2. Expected this to land in a circlejerk subreddit

  3. But you can’t have breakfast if you don’t wake up. I don’t know what I would do without biscuits and gravy in my life, my dude.

  4. Tbh not waking up sounds better than milky meat cereal

  5. You got it good sir, expect a tag later this evening :) I'm going to a band rehearsal soon but ima be so ready for a globert Downey Jr when I get home

  6. Thank you! maybe I'll post an original song in the background for the dab vid later :)

  7. Honestly if you can sing in key lines are unnecessary. I just hum my parts along as I play on an unlined fretless. Been playing bass for 5 years ish, and only a few months on fretless. No issues with intonation past learning where the notes are and building muscle memory. You got this man! If I can do it you can too

  8. My interest is piqued. Do you have a thread link?


  10. God damnit I want a complex so bad 🤩 cheers to living my dream haha, hope it treats you well!

  11. Your money bro, but damn that's a lot to bring to a hotel room. Could've just brought the e rig man. No point bringing bangers and flamethrowers into a hotel room

  12. The gods see you struggle and present a peace offering, your luck may soon change for the better. Take good care of that piece and take a big ole glob for us all! Cheers man, nothin like hitting the titties off the tooth rig

  13. Bro I just picked up some trop cherries that shit hits right

  14. $300 for a half ounce of flower and one gram of rosin. Pass.

  15. For real lol saw Erick Khans vid. The pack ain't worth it

  16. This reminds me of being in middle school. Rock on man

  17. I'd say I make 2 or 3 noticeable flubs in a 2 hour set, either missing a note entirely with my right hand, or playing a wrong note, etc. I make countless small errors from technique not being perfect or tempo not being rock solid. Playing different fills that don't land perfectly with the drums, stuff like that. I don't care about that as much because it doesn't detract from a passive listener. Of course on record I try to play to my best abilities, but in a bar after a few drinks, everything gets a little easier to deal with.

  18. Bro I've been seeing your YouTube reels nonstop, good work on all these mini lessons!!! So helpful, I'm learning a lot :) thank you!

  19. That’s amazing thank you!! How do you find going back and forth between fretted and Fretless if you do?

  20. It's a breeze! Going back to fretted is like turning down the difficulty after you get comfortable on fretless. I find it let's you relax a lot more and focus on ideas coming to you in the moment, while on a fretless bass I find myself playing much more precisely and with a lot more intention.

  21. You do make lots of sense, thanks for this! Yep yesterday I could get some of that ‘mwah’ and even sliding harmonics so I reckon it should all be achievable with the right patience…

  22. You got this! It's so satisfying to get those harmonic slides

  23. We got our drummer a full set for Christmas, since we all help eachother on set up and tear down it makes getting cymbals on and off so much quicker and easier. Great for shows where the changeover is short and the next band needs to go on and set up asap

  24. Lol I bet op has a favorite spot in the city they use as background ambience

  25. Heat to around 750, let cool to 560 for a bigger dab, 500 for a smaller dab, and 440 for anything that's solventless. Quartz faceted blender with a 3mm pearl

  26. I only smoke solventless. I’ll have to try the lower temp… I’ve been doing around 540 to 560 but I feel like I may be losing some flavor

  27. You're def losing a lot, try around 450 instead. You'll still get decent vapor but way more terps coming thru

  28. I don't have enough experience with mics to comment, but in the studio recently our sound engineer had a mic on the beater side of the kick as well as reso. He blended them together to get the attack and clickyness of the beater smacking the head, as well as the boom and woof of the reso side. It was the best sonic recreation of our drummers kit we have heard to date. Would highly recommend that technique if you have a spare channel to run another mic.

  29. For similar quality to yours I pay 5-7 a gram, recently picked up a half of Tropicanna Cherries; mixed light, no till living soil. 70 bucks. Also got a half of Rainbow Sherbet #11 for 80, indoor grown in Coco coir. $150 ounces that smoke amazing 🤤

  30. Lmao right, I try my best to make sure my dabs are hair free, but when you have pets it’s really hard. Their hair is EVERYWHERE!!! Hell, my dogs hair has even made it’s way under my skin.

  31. Bruh my cats whiskers sometimes shed off, those fuckers are like flexy barbed needles. I had one straight up stab me and pulling it out was like pulling out one of my own hairs 😨 my skin was stretching trying to pull it out lol

  32. I get them in my hands when trimming my beard sometimes, usually in the webbing between my first finger and thumb

  33. I'm a big fan of the ajax with recoil mods, you can find one that naturally has no vertical recoil, and put a no horizontal recoil mod on it. Thing is a laser and melts gonks like nobodies business. Really fun.

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