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  1. Wasn’t that 18 year old confirmed to be a repeat offender years later or am I thinking of someone else?

  2. What yr thinking about is one of the trublu guys who was with a 15-year-old when he was 18 and then years later when he was like 27 he got caught by Chris when he was trying to meet a 15-year-old

  3. No, but I've seen neo nazis coming out of the woodwork in his comment section if you sort by newest on certain videos. Youtube doesn't care about those human cockroaches but they take down entire channels over some bullshit.

  4. Yes (although I keep accidentally mistaking black metal and blackened death metal for industrial).

  5. It’s very good. Would love to hear a full release. Aufnahme und wiedergabe is a label that digs this kind of music.

  6. So far so good, is there more to it?

  7. this scared me for a second i thought this was an "IM IN YOUR WALLS" post (the image) ((the very first part of the audio sounded like banging on a door to me)) i really like this though!! /lh /pos /gen

  8. I took these royalty-free samples that came with the software I was using and distorted them and pitch-shifted them down to the point where they were beyond recognition and then I just placed each part where I thought it should belong

  9. Isn't this kinda like doxxing or whatever the fuck they call it, but it's ok cuz it's scumbag predators?

  10. Which predator is this?

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