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  1. Aesthetically it is better, there are actually some known names on it. But likely no it won’t be better or at least not by more than a couple wins.

  2. It seems like the plan is to really spend next year after the prospects come up this year

  3. I have no false hope about anyone on this Cubs team, but good to note.

  4. What’s your win total prediction? We won 74 games last year do you think it’ll be less?

  5. He’s definitely a lot of fun to watch. I hope he gets a World Series at some point, that would cement his likely hall of fame career

  6. I don’t think he’d need a World Series to solidify it but I hope he gets one

  7. There’s quite a few empty seats, I guess it’s a sellout but definitely not packed

  8. I hate how dead crowds are in the US

  9. Why did the game start late? I missed the explanation

  10. You mean, like the reduced number of games within division?

  11. No more like you play a lot of games against a certain team in a small time span

  12. Would love to see more Chinese talent in MLB, hopefully a stronger than expected Chinese performance this tournament can aid that

  13. Wow I just realized the crowd stayed seated for the Ohtani home runs

  14. My March has been made exponentially better by the WBC. I’m so spoiled by sports to watch and MLB hasn’t even started

  15. With this, Star Wars Wednesdays and March Madness around the corner this month is set to be great for sports

  16. A pickoff to end it? Baseball is back

  17. you and typeoneg77 have the exact same google and youre the one that asked the question, feels like the onus is on you here pal

  18. I’ve looked and couldn’t find it

  19. i googled "injuries decreased minor leagues pitch clock" and this was the first result

  20. Thanks your googling skills are better than mine

  21. By WAR it looks to be Nap followed by Collins in 1912

  22. The first baseball netting was installed in 1879. So fudging a bit, the US census in 1870 had a population of 38,925,598. The most recent census (2020) shows a US population of 331,449,281. That’s an increase of nearly 293 million. Considering this is over 150 years, this suggests that roughly 1.95 million people every year would’ve died without safety netting.

  23. I’m gonna take the under of 1.95 million people

  24. Oh. I guess I couldn’t imagine that actually being asked.

  25. It’s not a realistic suggestion it’s just a random thought

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