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  1. Maybe your size buttons got goopey. Sugar or sticky residue from a creamer got under the buttons and the contact for 6oz is stuck. Try steaming it/lay a really hot wet washcloth over the buttons and then work em good pushing them all.

  2. Nope...size buttons never got spilled, the junk thing doesn't even turn on now!

  3. Sorry, maybe call customer service. They tend to send new brewers out fairly easily.

  4. Not showing up. I am connected in the same network. What gives? Any other ideas?

  5. You may not be logged in. Are you a prime member? Amazon music has different membership levels and i think paying for amazon music (7.99) in addition to the music that plays within your prime membership ($14.99) are 2 different memberships. And you need the addtl paid tier to get atmos files.

  6. My guess is, you cant have both voice assistants active at the same time. So step 1 is innthe bose music app unlink google voice assistant and link amazon alexa.

  7. No, i was aware she had a song with the same title. The track im thinking of is more groovy and less pointer sisters sounding. Think arthur baker or chic.

  8. Finally, "Senior Painkiller", a 78 with 800mg ibuprofen.

  9. as of 830am EST it seems to be working now at least where I am in Massachusetts

  10. Same issue here. I did notice my brewer updated it's firmware yesterday afternoon, anyone else notice similar? Hope they didn't brick them with the firmware.

  11. And re-linking it in the keurig app isnt working. Whoops! Not that a company has bricked a device before with a firmware update.

  12. Sell on ebay or the facebook nespresso lovers recipes etc. Someone will buy it

  13. They place you are at cognitively when contact happens is such an underwater dream state to begin with, I don’t think you would smell much of anything anyway.

  14. I had something odd happen once, dream-like state with very vivid details. The room i was in i was paralyzed and i felt like i was there but wasnt supposed to be there. I would describe the room as black on black. I was sorta hanging on a meathook or coat rack, sorta suspended by the back of my neck, but something told me i was in danger that i was too conscious to be there, too aware and that id better get out, and they told me to kick. Kick kick kick kick kick. Like when youre under water and you are swimming furiously to get to the surface. To escape the dark. And then i woke up, kicking. I dont remember any smells but i remember some vague sounds, shadowy movement, and the feeling of "presence".

  15. I just got one for my frame TV and will probably return it. Every time I turn the TV "off" (ie put it in art mode), the soundbar turns it right back on again. I tried the Advanced CEC settings with no luck

  16. Someone said there are hdmi/cec choices somewhere in the app and setting #3 worked for them

  17. Tried to get the surround 700s around Boston yesterday at Best Buy. Said one was in stock local but they couldn't find it in store. Guy said its an older model and they probably aren't getting any others.

  18. Im in holyoke MA. Many times i need to go 40 minutes south to the manchester CT store for best buy inventory. I bought a 12.9" ipad pro (2021 with the M1 chip) right before the price got slashed. The newly announced 2022 model with the m2 didnt seem to offer much for the $300-ish price diff. Right after i got it, from CT cause holyoke was out of it, it went down another $100 and they all disappeared quickly. I called best buy and they very easily credited me the $100 since the price went down like a day after i got mine. The screen is gorgeous on those 12.9's because it's MicroLED

  19. It was a cutesy trend when CDs first came out to put a "hidden song" on the cd. Most times that annoying blank space was hella annoying if you had a cd carousel and just hit random. Early cd players had "index" buttons and the concept was movements within a classical piece would skip within skipping the whole track. Problem was the cd had to be authored with those stop points in the disc for the index buttons to even work. So it was pretty useless. Capital records and EMI would often have a logo "cd xtra trax pax" meaning the cd had more song(s) than the lp or cassette to drive sales.

  20. Try shutting off the sidewalk opt in, if its already off, turn it ON

  21. I forgot about that thing, after I set it to off. But, why?

  22. Best lame and "I don't 100% know what im talking about" answer.... sidewalk is or was a pre-version of what "matter" or "thread" seems to be. It was like its own communication protocol for devices interconnecting and intercommunicating with each other is. The good and bad was, good: helps your devices stay connected, bad: YOUR sidewalk could help a neighbor's weak internet/wifi help THEIR connection. It sounded like i was being a volunteer bandwidth vampire so i opted OUT but then started having connection issues and i put it back ON and it's been better.

  23. I just saw an adaptiq headset for sale alone on Mercari.

  24. If you ran adaptIQ, use what appeals to you or doesn't annoy your neighbors.

  25. I was able to isolate the orbs and enhance the background, I zoomed in and it was shocking what I saw ....

  26. This article gives you two ways you can connect the Surround Speakers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  27. agreed. like youd actually WANT to listen to music on the sb900 not. the st300 was just ok. worse, was, i had a hw850 samsung w atmos taht i bought years ago, that was great for movies, awful for music. i stuck it under my bed and bought the st300

  28. Stick with what you have 900 is just troubled with software problems

  29. how so? app? firmware for bar? I just upgraded my st300 to a 900 and didnt have any issues. i will say the ios app on 4 different devices, has a visual defect with the on/off sliders, esp on smaller screen devices. a mini 6 had the flaw a mini 5 did not. but thats so minor.

  30. unplug the virtually invisibles for 1 full minute. boot up the bar and open the app. tap the gear, select accessories and add speakers. plug the rears in and they should appear after a few, to add. if they dont (like they did(nt) for me) after trying twice once i exited and reopened the app, magically ,they were there once i opened the 'audio' tab to change settings. but, DO RUN ADAPT IQ. i couldnt hear them after initially hooking them up and they didnt seem to communicate with the bar correctly until i ran the adapt iq. now all is peachy.

  31. I'm referring to the on/off buttons being misaligned

  32. Oh ok. Android or ios? If it's android id go to google play store and see if there's developer contact info, or, rate it a 1 or whatever lowest is then put a constructive criticism there and not in rant tone. That's how ive had success with getting long standing crappy design flaws get attention. Including bank of America and Affirm Edit: v6.3.3 on android 13 looks ok. Samsung ultra 22. Ill check my ipad mini 5, 6 and pro 12.9 tho Edit 2: ok this is weird. Ios 15.7 2 on 3 different devices and on off slider is different on the mini 6. Ipad pro 10.5 and mini5 have them on the right. Mini 6 is on the left and the bass module slider is a tiny bit eclipsing it. Rear is fine tho. The 12.9 was fine too like the 10.5's screen

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