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  1. Listen to dog nightmare, also by Jack stauber this song in underrated

  2. Furnace or RG(I used to be an xbow player and I still fear this card to this day)

  3. I'm really looking forward to read the Beatles songwriting secrets even though its a very very massive book, I could really learn a lot seeing that many examples of music theory in YouTube use many of the Beatles songs, I feel like this is a game changer lmao and also sry for replying too late I was kinda busy last week

  4. No. Wikipedia has some good quality articles, but also a lot of pretty bad ones. Also, it really isn't proper teaching material - it just gives you an overview of a topic (if you want to know what a specific concept is, it may give a decent explanation of it, but it really doesn't teach you how to use that concept - like okay, if I don't know what couterpoint is, the Wikipedia article may give me an understanding of what it means, but it won't really teach me counterpoint, at least not very effectively). If you want to learn music theory, use sources that were actually designed for teaching music theory. (These sources will have a proper structure, and explain the concepts step by step - they are written in a way that doesn't assume that you know about the topic.)

  5. Because their intervals to the root is different, C to E, root to major 3rd has a different mathematical ratio (4:5) compared to A to C, root to minor 3rd (5:6), it sounds more dissonant

  6. Watch a terrorist on planes documentary with full volume

  7. Bbm is a triad that belongs to the parent scale of the tritone substitution. In this case it's the Ab melodic minor scale.

  8. I don't really understand can you explain a lil more, and also this might seem like a dumb question but what is a parent scale???

  9. Yes you are. You just explained perfectly how voice-leading works. What else could there be to know? Why do you say it's "useless", when you've just demonstrated how useful it is?

  10. I don't really think about voice leading when making chords, I like to know were this chord was derived from to understand why it sits nicely in a progression, I think I have to stop relying on music theory to explain unusual chords that are hard to understand where they come from cuz I don't think I knowing that in this chord progression can help me understand the sound that I'm hearing

  11. Ahhh i see what you did there, if you want to start key you need to start with the major scale of it then change its mode to minor or any other mode

  12. It's pretty simple, just like all what the comments say it's mostly chord extensions, borrowed chords, and based 2-5-1 (Dm, G, C, in the key of C) chord progression, it could be in different variations like the backdoor 2-5 (Fm, A#, C, in the key of C) and you can substitute the chords like the 2 chord could be ii7b5 and the 5 can be a tritone substitution and whatever, even though jazz is complex, it's complexity is what makes it not limited unlike some classical music where you must always end on the tonic, you can in jazz end in a chord that can feel unresolved or just literally outside the scale

  13. I’ve played the games (though currently 2 is the only one I’ve completed). As far as linear, semi-open world games go, The Witcher 2 is actually really good, and holds up well IMO even though it was released some time ago (2011? 2012? Something like that). I wanted to play through the first game (released only on PC). I have it, but the combat controls can be a bit difficult to manage and I’ve been stuck on the same part for awhile and haven’t had the heart to reload a previous save, and I certainly don’t want to restart. From what I’ve read, from the perspective of the games, you don’t need to play the previous games to understand the third game.

  14. In your case, I’d just listen to the audiobooks in order. That way, you can listen on commutes or while multitasking.

  15. Audiobooks, that's a great idea thanks for the advice man

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