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  1. I agree they would have been amazing but think BW are pretty trash. So Ig I meet ya halfway on this overall haha.

  2. Might be nostalgia talking as I played these when they released but the last Pokémon game I remember enjoying before Scarlett was black :)

  3. I’ve played all the other souls games and stuff so I had some idea coming in to this :)

  4. Storm point will be the only one til mid-season then it switches for the 2nd half. Volt is only in care package now they switch the care package weapons every season

  5. Oh okay thanks for the heads up, when is the mid point of the season storm point is my least favourite haha, but because I’m not a high rank ranked is easier than public for me :)

  6. I mean, it's difficult to say, since it's all just chance. You have a 14% chance to get a tots player in a 100k pack. Each time, so it's not that strange to not get a tots.

  7. I know it says 14% but in my experience it just doesn’t seem like it. I know I’m not guaranteed a tots but you’d think I’d have atleast have 1 from the amount of packs I’ve opened. It could be the case I’ve gotten unlucky and some people are packing multiple a pack and stuff but it’s definitely not 14% in my experience

  8. Got him in the pick Sunday. I can’t believe how smooth/elegant he is despite being 4x thicker than every player lol

  9. Yea and he only has 78 agility but he feels so smooth there’s something going on with him ea don’t say in the stats

  10. Contemplating the same. I have the NIF untradeable. Love the card, and kinda wanna throw him into the POTM SBC to upgrade..

  11. I’m gonna purchase ww ibra to try him if that doesn’t work I’ll probably do mbappe I’ll let you know if he’s worth the 2 mil over his gold

  12. Just do POTM Mbappe. He’ll be a top 5 striker for the rest of the game.

  13. I already have a gold mbappe untradeable I’ve played 800 games with so I’m not really looking at upgrading him

  14. Yeah, that’s a tough shout to spend that much if you’ve got his gold untradeable. I sold PIM butra to give PIM drog a try (next to POTM Mbappe) and it was a good choice for me.

  15. I haven’t tried either, I’m seriously considering dybala tho he looks crazy the only bad thing is his medium medium work rates which I could see as an issue

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