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  1. I’ve personally seen homo rape in Afghanistan and they just acted like it was casual.

  2. It’s the only thing getting him attention at this point. Him and Jennnnnnifffffffeeeerrr The Crimson Chin didn’t get another season of Single Life with their fake ass relationship, so he needs to drum up headlines another way. I guess being a Gigolo isn’t going well anymore, and the bills don’t stop coming so he has to find another way to pay them.

  3. This man screamed about the attention seeking horrors of the Kardashian’s…. But he’d just like them.

  4. I used to love bonding with my aunt through make up and stamp on French tip nails!!! As much as I hate them all, this was super cute lol.

  5. Are we sure this isnt kendall? I mean the way she parks sometimes

  6. I’m team Kylie when it comes to looks. Ro’s looks are annoying to me.

  7. That's true, not even Armenian for real. But I imagine she feels that way, after being immersed in it from her sisters.

  8. She has -1% armenian history lol. Someone claimed she did on tik tok. This bitch got like European Irish in her ancestry lol.

  9. Right? I was 10 pounds being born. My mom got her shit ripped to her bootyhole girlllll LOL. She celebrates my bday with me saying “it was my first birth and traumatic. Thank ME for doing it” LOL

  10. Journalists being trolls…. You guys literally faked having kids and killed a woman!???

  11. I thought intrusive thoughts were a sign of you NOT EVER wanting to do that said thing?

  12. I actually don’t have anyone Jewish in my life, other than Jewish ancestry. And a ton of kosher products.

  13. I am happy about it as well. This woman has failed so much in the past and her death was imminent if she didn’t get extreme help. I hope she can eventually get off the trach—they both have it—and they can support each other and be a great partnership. My snark button switches off as soon as someone is earnestly making strides to help themselves.

  14. I’m part of tons of snark subreddits. And I go INNNNNN hating on them

  15. She is still quite big but in her wedding dress she has a lot of loose skin. She has clearly lost a good bit of weight. Said to be around 115 lbs.

  16. That’s how much I weigh! Crazy to think about. I’m glad and am hoping she’s doing more to lose it!

  17. I want some love from this Momma! She sounds amazing!


  19. My best friend in school had parents who were immigrants from Africa, her dad was fluent but her mum only had very basic English, but she spoke Swahili, Urdu, Arabic, and Hindi fluently. I made the effort to learn some Urdu phrases to better communicate with her but my friend hated that people would look down on her mum.

  20. Uh, their punishments are like the more luxurious versions of Afghanistan lol

  21. Excuse me, but why is she wearing braids like that-? She is is Tongan and Hawaiian, not black.

  22. Why are you get down voted? People pick n choose what they wanna call out when racism is involved lol

  23. Covid could not have come at a better time for this asshole. It was like god answered his prayers as he running out of excuses… bam covid

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