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  1. I’m going straight to hell for saying this but I feel like Edu will inherit Alec’s asshole nature. Look at his eyes, his demeanor, the cross arm after he took her toy away.

  2. I know what you mean and I can see it, but there are people here who really don’t like Ed to be criticised, which I can kind of understand, with him only being 2 years old. He doesn’t stand much of a chance with this upbringing but I hope he doesn’t get violent like Alec just yet. Hopefully the nannies (godmothers) will try to teach him right from wrong. I hope so. He seems to have a cruel streak which will only get worse unless he is eventually taught right from wrong!

  3. Whoever continued to film instead of showing him proper behaviour is culpable. He's not innately a bully, as much as he resembles Alec, but he's certainly being taught how to become one.

  4. Fuck me, they’re an ugly lot! They look like they have been badly cloned…

  5. Nothing, NOT TRUE....well, stares/selfies in the mirror, IG 20 hrs/day, shopping, fake Yoga, prepares for PAP photos when she makes the call, etc etc....very busy MAMA taking care of the kids with NO paid help.

  6. HA! Was this made for her or what? 😂

  7. Her hair looks like such shit. No pregnant woman in the history of the world has shit hair pregnant.. the pregnancy hormones give you that thick thick mane. Not. Pregnant.

  8. SO true! My hair is amazing when I’m pregnant. Terrible and thin as fuck afterwards, but AMAZING during pregnancy!

  9. We will let you go, but only if you answer these three questions correctly.

  10. IT’S A LATE ONSET ALLERGY! How very dare you? 😂

  11. So confused. So this isn’t the surrogate and has no connection to Hilary?

  12. Alcea Surrogacy have used this photograph on their Instagram account. She isn’t the woman I thought she was. There is another woman surrogate in an earlier post on Alcea’s grid, someone whose name has been mentioned here previously, but I don’t know whether I should put that info on here. Others here also have the information. I think it’s highly likely that the other woman IS the surrogate. She is pretty easy to find on their Instagram.

  13. It’s fine if she says she always wanted to be a surrogate. But the reality is, she’s being paid, and if she’s the one I’m thinking of, she needs the money to put herself through school. This isn’t an act of altruism. Alcea has a history of a “boss babe” narrative in their recruitment ads. “Don’t be a wage slave! Be an independent woman! You go girl!” [insert stock photo of WOC here]

  14. I can’t find an edit button for the post, sadly. I would be more than happy to update it if it were possible. In lieu of that I have mentioned that this woman isn’t THE surrogate at least twice within this thread, so if someone is interested in this topic, then I hope they will read the entire thread here. 🙏

  15. My bald Cabbage Patch Kid, Gordon Arty, says “HOLA, PEPINOS!” Now in the capable hands of my daughter these days… 🥬❤️🥬

  16. I feel for him. He has a rough time ahead of him for countless reasons. He’s been deliberately held back too, and that’s unforgivable. I suspect he is whiny and frustrated because he knows Mami isn’t really genuinely interested in him at all. 😔

  17. Crazy this kid is not even 2 and he's about to have 2 younger siblings. Tossed into the lost boy pile

  18. Why are they grey?! Wouldn’t she rather have dark brown ones? Just another thing I’ll never, ever understand…

  19. Graffiti artist like Banksy! Just uses Alec Baldwin’s cars as the canvas instead!

  20. What if there’s no surrogate? What if her plan is not to add a 7th feral from a surrogate as a sympathy play? What if her plan to gin up “sympathy” and to distract from Alec shooting Halyna dead is to have a stillbirth instead of Door-Dashing another baby?

  21. It’s CERTAINLY a possibility. She’s capable of ANYTHING.

  22. She has NO shame. I genuinely don’t know how she can carry on living after this, it’s just MORTIFYING! She is deeply, DEEPLY unwell. More so now than ever.

  23. This is giving me major Back to the Future vibes. Alexa, play “Earth Angel.”

  24. What the fuck does she even mean with “baby line”? En serio. I have had three babies and my youngest is only 3, so it’s still pretty fresh in my memory! WTF is she on about? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. I’ve never seen her with linea negra though, and she has shown plenty of photos of her fake bump! That is lower down, typically, and not really visible in this photo! (Thanks for replying though, pepino 🙏)

  26. Plain spaghetti with a side of truck and dentures - Wowwwwww. I’d be throwing it too.

  27. He’s the one who’s going to write the tell all. Maybe have a painful, Britney-esque, “all the things you need to get out of your head while healing” insta. This poor kid. He asked to be left alone so she took a pic and posted it publicly? Does she even like him?

  28. There will be laws of some kind down the line. Right?

  29. CHRIST ON A FUCKING BIKE. This is nasty and disturbing. Poor, tiny ML. The abuse these children are subjected to beggars belief.

  30. Funnily enough, my sister knows some of the stuff around Hillary and she said something quite amusing. Our great aunt was called Carmen, so to us it’s kind of old-fashioned (no offence aimed at anyone named Carmen, this is just what we notice from our own lives/family/cultura) but we also have another elderly great aunt called FERNANDA, so that is the name mooted around these parts at the moment! 🤣

  31. They loved it! I have photos of their plates! 😂

  32. I’ve had a few of these. People are strange!

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