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  1. A Bovine. Or a head of/a single cattle. I typically hear "a single beef" but that's after it's been slaughtered.

  2. Yeah I think any sanctioned tournament has that $10 fee. So it makes sense if you’re doing a handful per year.

  3. Starting in 2022 any PDGA tournament B-Tier or above requires current membership.

  4. I got a feeling we are gonna see a lot of single file action tomorrow...only real way the drivers can protest.

  5. They might be single file but it won't be a protest. It's a 500 mile race, gotta make it to the last pit stop to have a chance.

  6. I'd do embarrassing things for Parker to get the 16 Cup car next year.

  7. Good guy Sieg didn't want to wreck the field for no personal gain.

  8. Sieg the owner made a business decision knowing he wasn't going to win.

  9. What is Chris Rice’s role? Every time a Kaulig car is in the top 25 NBC/FOX show him and air his radio

  10. Competition Director, overlord, spirit animal

  11. Double the thickness of the rear Tierods, rear A-Arms, and bolts for said pieces.

  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't change the angles of the rear clip as well. Elongate the angles so they have some more room to bend down.

  13. Not really. JGR and HMS were allegedly the two most vocal behind the scenes against this car. Harvick and Childers were against this car publicly from the beginning.

  14. Oof. I can’t decide I’d that’s more self depreciating or more smug.

  15. And I'm just gonna go ahead and guess the Lions for football

  16. Nope. Jets were 2010, Broncos were 2015, then Lions and Dolphins are tied for third with 2016.

  17. lol in my thread, that is sourced and correct, and still calling me out wow

  18. I was linking the above comment and saw your posts.

  19. Jokes on you, don't keep score when playing casually. Have a fantastic day.

  20. I'm actually standing on a disc golf course right now waiting to tee off. Not our fault you have a memorable username and flaming bad takes.

  21. And yet here you are. Rent freaking free in your mind lmao. What a wierdo you are

  22. Yes, JGR purposefully jacked the price up on season long sponsor and risked losing (lost) all of that money. You don’t own a 4 car championship race team by being that stupid

  23. How many people have RC cut yet only Dale Sr has won a championship under the RCR banner. You can say that about all the big name organizations.

  24. Yet nobody claimed Childress was a genius. Earnhardt era RCR was the only time that team has been honest to god, year in and year out contenders. Harvick had more than a few down years there.

  25. Not even a full year in and we have a driver/owner and an owner publicly state they want a new car. Harvick and Rodney blasting it on twitter every week. Truex flipping the car off.

  26. The car is not a failure. Your trolling attempts are however.

  27. If the car isn’t a failure drivers wouldn’t be asking for a new one.

  28. They're asking for changes. Which are obtainable in the current structure of the car.

  29. They should have more silver series. Like in my mind, their should be a main “A” series event every weekend when their isn’t a Elite or Major. ( give a week off after some or before). Send out a skeleton crew to shoot. Almost like the PDGA and the nationwide safelite whatever is called tour.

  30. Korn Ferry Tour is what you're thinking of. But actually the PGA TOUR does run a tournament every week for the entire season. Whenever there is a major, WGC or big World (European) Tour event they'll run an "alternate" event that same weekend for members who didn't qualify for the bigger event and certain KFT players. It would be like running a Silver Series event during EO or Worlds.

  31. Johnny Carson banned her during the last six years he had the show.

  32. Even if Joan doesn't go to Fox, it is still more likely that Letterman or Leno gets the Tonight Show over her. People forget that this was the early 1990's, there was still a stiff amount of misogyny in television.

  33. If Rivers is still permanent guest host, Letterman gets the Tonight Show and NBC probably gives her the Late Night slot.

  34. That scenario I could see. Late Night and the Late Late Show slots are less valuable and always were aimed at the younger audience. Granted, CBS created a show for Dave, but the 11:35 timeslot was more valuable and always had to be slightly tamer than 12:35.

  35. I mean, yea. You shovel before you leave, then shovel again before the next time you leave.

  36. You pull in the driveway when it has snow on it? Blasphemy!

  37. What, you park in the road then shovel before you go in the garage?

  38. I park in the driveway. No garage. And I usually am already shoveling the curb so I can get in, might as well go all the way.

  39. Highly doubtful SMI will be sold before Marcus is ready to retire.

  40. I don’t see NASCAR selling either with Ben Kennedy taking on a bigger role. Maybe in the immediate aftermath of Brian’s troubles it was different?

  41. Brian came to power mostly because Jim wanted to toy with other ventures (Grand-Am, now IMSA and the revitalization of North American Sports Car racing being his masterpiece). Brian was the next in line after that. Even before Brian got caught high on pills and drunk off his ass, the consensus was that the France family wanted to finally cash in. Money was flowing in, all time highs for ratings.

  42. No they aren't. Elon and Bezos couldn't shift right fast enough the second someone mentioned the word "union".

  43. Cody did just finish 6th at Daytona. Maybe he doesn't want to miss a rare chance to snag another top ten.

  44. One of his competitors is guaranteed to finish no lower than 16th in points.

  45. Yeah DBC was talking about this issue. The ideal situation is drivers managing tires so they don't wear out and lose grip. Now, the drivers are having to manage tires so they don't fucking blow out.

  46. Science isn't like this. Newer surfaces especially. Asphalt technology is advancing so it doesn't wear out. If the surface doesn't wear, the tires can not wear. If you brought a softer compound tire, it would be more likely to be failure prone.

  47. Indycar, F1, IMSA, local dirt racing, and I try to keep up with sports cars in Europe and Aussie Supercars as well. None of them ever have the regular tire issues that NASCAR does.

  48. If you follow Aussie Supercars you know they are very strict with the guidelines that Dunlop provides SC and Motorsports Australia.

  49. Also for intentionally wrecking each other and payback. Denny wants me to believe the next generation car is so dangerous yet he's got a running shit list of drivers he's going to penalize by crashing them into the fence. Dennis that sounds a bit like attempted murder to me.

  50. This is why I know Ross is safe this year. Denny is the loudest of the drivers about safety...but if he wads up Chastain all of his grandstanding and soapboxing credibility is gone.

  51. I feel like he can do what he did to Ross at Pocono, that doesn't require hooking someone's right rear or dumping them from the bottom lane. I would prefer he doesn't though. Race those guys mercilessly, but nobody needs to be taking unnecessary hits right now.

  52. I think the reason the "small crashes" are hurting worse is due to less crumple. The bigger the hit, the more there is crumple in the car and so there is less energy getting transferred to the driver.

  53. This is why KFB never said anything about his impact, if I had to guess.

  54. I’m just glad nascar isn’t the nfl right now


  56. This is what people don't get. You can sustain a severe concussion from hitting your cabinet door. You can box 12 rounds against a world class boxer and never have any effects. Its about how YOUR specific body handles sudden change of direction. People have given themselves concussions headbanging at metal concerts. We can't just predict these things.

  57. I thought Western was going to be good after week 1. Now I agree with you.

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