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Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general

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  1. How about Ukraine represents itself? Just a thought.

  2. Because Ukraine has broken diplomatic ties (removed its embassy) from Russia on account of the war.

  3. Article 5... sooner or later he is going to do something stupid enough to get it invoked. Attacking us would do it... not to mention our Southern neighbour would be a tad pissed off.

  4. You floppy heads are off limits (South Park reference before I get slagged). As is anybody else in the DEFENSIVE alliance known as NATO. Putin knows better.

  5. Mice with matches? Russia itself has said that it was a smoking problem and the issue had nothing to do with UA attacks.

  6. Glenn Danzig is gonna sue your butter ass for this funny! Thank you!

  7. Nope. He is breeding more every day. They are simply fodder for his dream of being President for Life- law and order be damned.

  8. The instructions are literally in the sidebar...

  9. Aggressive transparency is the only way to beat the MAGA cult leader and his propaganda machine. His behavior has been unprecedented, as must be the law and order response from the DOJ.

  10. Amen. Transparency is how US intel and the Biden admin royally f'd Putin's invasion of Ukraine too.

  11. This is a typical launch sequence. No interceptions shown.

  12. Those will suck coming out. Same knee for me with many more. Heal up fast.

  13. Russian air defense inflatable dildos for fucking itself?

  14. You are doing your part! Service earns Citizenship. Want to know more?

  15. If you mess with their data they make poor campaign decisions later on. At the very least it annoys them when 10k sign up and only 5k show. Especially after having to move venues for a larger crowd they thought they’d have.

  16. Oof! So sorry!!! A good anaogy for this season though...

  17. Likely made of chrome-plated silly putty like the rest of the garbage they send overseas commercially. Whatever.


  19. From the same article there's link to

  20. A dead one. Learn how to care for the resource. Not cool.

  21. Although I can confirm (NL)... you don't want to read the reactions posted to that video of his that he posted yesterday. I think the criticism is being blocked or something as it's full of people thinking he's the new messiah.

  22. Of course he does. 1/6 was a coup attempt. He wants what he wants. Law and order be damned.

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