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  1. I'm more annoyed by the apology and people demanding one than any of the goofy shit he said. This is all so fake. These apologies are such scripted PR drivel. Who gives a shit? Let people get offended.

  2. In other words, you're 100% okay with racism towards Asians because it's not real racism, right?

  3. Didn't even notice the Asian stuff. I saw some homophobic shit, but I didn't read it all. Either way. There's no way any serious person believes he apologized for any other reason than he was forced to to maintain a career and reputation. And it's cringe that people think this changes people's inner sentiments about gays or Asians. Racism is racism. But these public PR stunts that all have the same handed down script are cringe as fuck and mean nothing. It's embarrassing that people even demand these.

  4. I do think that HTDC is a bit overrated but I would never in my life call it ‘obnoxious’.

  5. Sometimes it's one of my favorite songs, but sometimes I genuinely feel like those strings are a bit much. It might be one of those songs that is so depressing that unless you're willing to follow them down that route, it can be slightly grating. In terms of replay value, it has the least for me on Kid A. But I think it's the same reason why despite Kid A being my favorite album, In Rainbows and HTTT have more replay value... aggressive or uplifting music works better on a roadtrip with other people than existential crisis stuff.

  6. Not a foul but if they win the challenge do they even get the ball or do the heat just inbound?

  7. There was never any debate. Tell me, if you're covering Airbag... do you do the beeps at the end? Of course not. But if you're covering Paranoid Android... you sure as hell better start with them beeps.

  8. Not worth it. I say just make Viktor suit up for the Mercury.

  9. Would have been an 8 if Thom wrote a sociology thesis instead of a song and instead of playing in sloppy 11/8, they'd be tight musicians that can manage to hold that 4/4 groove. LMAO Reviews are fun. They're not to be taken to heart. It's all subjective. Every opinion on the spectrum is worthy, from wrong to correct.

  10. They also performed an altered version of what used to be called Reckoner or Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses. That riff has always been one of my favorites. I really hope they try working it into a new song. This is the 1st time I can genuinely say I wouldn't be really sad if they didn't get back to Radiohead (though I would obviously love that) and worked on a 2nd album. The Smile is probably already my 2nd favorite band. Love the diversity of styles.

  11. One of your favorites and didn’t even know it actually got released. This got a chuckle out of me

  12. Yeah. I think it's the first song to slip by my radar. And it was one of the 1st riffs I learned on guitar. I unfortunately liked the older version more. It was sloppy, but I had such high hopes for how heavy it could be if worked out.

  13. Weird ass semantics. Jimmy is borderline. He ain't Shaq or Curry. Heck, he ain't even Demar or Tatum... If he's playing with 2 non-shooters in the lineup, he'll spread the floor. If he's playing with 4 shooters, he'll probably avoid them more often than not.

  14. Pat Bev been saying nonsense all morning. Pat and SAS were actually confidently claiming Steph is a better option to get a bucket in the clutch than Luka. What are they even watching?

  15. Omg I had an ex who didn’t believe in dinosaurs. I tried looking online if there were like a flatearthers group equivalent for the dinosaur thing, and couldn’t really… the only group I found that were anti-dinosaur believers were like extremely conservative Christians (who like believe in the Bible timeline) which my ex was not.

  16. Damn. Your own girl didn't believe in you? That's tough.

  17. He had a bad series. This isn't exactly shocking for a role player. Ya'll really trying to start another meaningless hatejerk?

  18. Someone who says he sucked is dickriding? Do you jerk it with a cheese grater?

  19. The daydreaming video being released before really made it hype. For me, I was pretty impressed, but the album hasn't exactly grown on me as much as most of the others. Right off the bat, Daydreaming, Decks Dark, Glass Eyes and True Love Waits were orgasmically good. And in general, I was impressed by the strings throughout the album. I remember being sure it was their last album. I hope I'm wrong.

  20. Bro USA straight fucked. Clown Canada all you want but fuck - I’m glad I don’t live in the states, especially being black.

  21. I purposely do this with lyrics I can relate to in any way. Often before I really read the whole lyrics of a song, I'll relate it to something I am experiencing or have experienced, because I'll only know a few lyrics which I can mold into that concept. Once I know all the lyrics, typically I get a better sense of the intended meaning, which is it's own trip. Often if you still relate, it only makes the experience deeper. And if not, you're exploring a tiny part of yourself and zooming in, which creates empathy with the author.

  22.'s like cult minded in this sub. Fuck the hardcore left and hardcore right......the right answer is always somewhere in between.

  23. It can be on either side, or somewhere in the middle, on any given the issue. Naive centrism is assuming the right idea is right in the middle. Proper centrism is realizing it's possible sometimes one side has one issue right and another completely wrong, and sometimes it's somewhere in some spectrum of compromise. Either way, politicians gonna pander to some ideological rabid base and then not give a fuck about them when elected. But you're right, politics is cult like online. Karma and political signalling just turn every space into either hard left or hard right.

  24. Yeah. But it doesn't imply the right answer is always somewhere in between.

  25. Kid A sticks out for me. There's no song like it. It's an absolute masterpiece and IMO their most original song.

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