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  1. As someone who plays guitar, and owns a Gibson, these “relic” guitars are stupid.

  2. I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?

  3. That’s a lot of photoshop. Particularly in various areas.

  4. Ok I’m just gonna go out on a limb and ask: if you need parachutes shouldn’t you also have one of those long bars that stretch out from the rear of the car to prevent it from tilting up too much?

  5. Wheelie bars are against the rules in many classes as it's a "crutch" that makes going down the track easier. No wheelie bars places more emphasis on chassis setup and power management.

  6. When he talks about basing your persona and behavior purely from the support of Donald Trump, that kid’s brain went Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

  7. Behold my field of fucks is barren

  8. To be honest we harvested all our fucks to give when people voiced their support for that ass clown in 2016.

  9. Ok thank you. Now I need you to put your arms out to the side. Ok now use your right hand to touch your nose

  10. I would have loved it if Roy Kent stepped up to the mic and told that guy to shut the fuck up.

  11. How is it the job of the House of Representatives to participate in a criminal trial?

  12. Because it’s evidence supplied to a court of law, accepted in a court of law, that eventually confirms something incriminating.

  13. ….what’s odd is there are millions who knew what a hamburger was before he was born….

  14. When I managed a property in FL, I had a tenant list their place on AirBnB. A group of dudes she rented to were being a total nuisance to everyone else on the property.

  15. Listing an AirBnb when you’re not the owner of the property?

  16. How about read the law in California rather than play “Law for laymen chess”?

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