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  1. Not sure what kind of software that would require

  2. I remember seeing this somewhere before...

  3. Go back to making manmade photoshopped horrors beyond my comprehension.

  4. Okay I will go make some happy cow picture, brb

  5. I turned the goblin house in Lumbridge into a BDSM dungeon. I lock all the goblins inside and punish them with an abyssal whip, until they give me the thermonuclear chinchompa launch codes.

  6. Think they can tell me how to make the posts better?

  7. Curious how you made the goblin fetus image? It kind of looks like you might have used the homunculus from Tower of Life but the face doesn't quite look like a match.

  8. Please no. The Finnish soil already has enough of them, thank you!

  9. Nieran (the OP) actually messaged me asking for help, so that he can make his own quest suggestion posts. So I taught him how to do a few things and sent him some useful premade assets I made and used in many of my posts. I'm not looking to compete with anyone, but I'm happy to teach others so that we can get more weird content here lol

  10. I love you, you made the hajedi post that still makes me laugh to this day

  11. Actually I didn't make that one, but thanks lol

  12. What, you don't want to become one with the slayer mask?

  13. Love me some Bendulum. Give us a new quest soon pls.

  14. I currently have some other projects, so I only have time to create these less time-consuming posts. But there will be a new quest after I'm done with the other stuff.

  15. Seeing the giant mole slippers post made me think, what kind of slippers would Giant Mole wear? And I figured the Giant Mole most likely skins all the adventurers who die in his lair, and then feeds the rest of their remains to the baby moles, so that they get enough protein to grow into giant moles. Then Giant Mole goes to the tanner at Al Kharid to get the human skin treated, and buys some needle and thread from the crafting shop there. Finally he uses his crafting skills to craft the human leather into two pairs of human slippers, to keep his paws warm in the cold and damp underground environment.

  16. I already suggested a new skill lol. I'm currently on a holiday break anyway, and busy trying to fix this mess I caused on Witcher 3. Apparently luring and glitching an invincible Cyprian Wiley inside a warehouse wasn't a smart move, since you can't open doors while in combat. So now I'm locked inside the warehouse until I somehow manage to exit combat.

  17. Can we have a new A Friend remix for the old times sake?

  18. Yes I was actually gonna make one for Christmas, but this post took too long to make, and I'm just gonna be chilling during the holidays. But 2023 will kick-start with a new A Friend remix, so expect one in early January! :)

  19. Well let's start with the basics. If an NPC tells you you're not allowed to enter some room or area, you must spend the next 3 hours attempting to glitch through a wall to get there, because who the fuck takes orders from some NPC? You must assert dominance over the game and its developers. If after 3 hours you still haven't managed to glitch through the wall, you need to switch to a better game. Or at least glitch something else to punish the devs.

  20. Please, share with us this masterpiece of wallpaper.

  21. This is exactly what I imagined bendulum’s setup to look like. maybe more drugs.

  22. I'll see what I can do next week...

  23. Näihin kuvioihin bendulumin itsenäisyyspäivä

  24. Mikäs sen suomalaisempaa kuin kebab :-D

  25. I feel like it's not allowed, otherwise someone would have definitely done it already haha. I recall changing models was against the rules, but could be also that NSFW content is not accepted on RuneLite.

  26. I don't know what issue reddit is having with the gif lol. I tried uploading it directly to reddit earlier, but then the gif wouldn't show to most people, so I deleted it. Now I tried imgur, where it seemed to be playing normally. But for some reason reddit is unable to display it directly and you have to open the imgur link. Urgh.

  27. From me watching this guy make dovydas Eminem parodies to these quests. I love after all these years he's still going. I love you and your extraordinarily sane posts.

  28. Bendulum = Shantay? Holy SHIT. Those dovydas videos are fucking hilarious

  29. Yep that's me. Maybe it's time for a new A Friend remix, but it might get my channel deleted because I already got so many copyright warnings from using those original songs in the making lol.

  30. It actually goes even further back than that, all the way back to year 2006. I was a kid and my friends had just introduced me to RuneScape. I had this old crappy PC that was running Windows 98 or similar. Even 2006 RuneScape was only running like 3 fps on it lmao. Sometimes I would grab some RuneScape pictures from google images, and then edit them in Microsoft Paint. Very similar to what I do now, 16 years later. Just slightly less violent and sexual lol. I recall there used to be a site called rshumor or something, I might have uploaded some of my 2006-2009 content there. I definitely don't have any of them saved though unfortunately, and my dad threw away the ancient PC a few years ago lol.

  31. Prequel to sheep lubricator I can only imagine? Where you make a magical grease to grease up a sheep so it can go inside Bloat and retrieve barrows arrows

  32. Good idea, but I feel like the Sheep Lubricator quest would get banned in most countries. Apart from the ones where they really love their sheep...

  33. Well considering every living creature on Gielinor dies at the end, it is the very final quest of the game. Unless inanimate objects like rocks start giving you more quests after that.

  34. mf slapped tits on the fucking chicken boss

  35. You sure know your coconuts, that's exactly what I used to make Graardor's milkers. But for variety's sake I used the stone balls from Death Plateau to make Kree'anna's breasts.

  36. Also the pink skirt is a hilariously creative way to indicate saradomins brothel. I have one thing I can't figure out though, what's the transportation method outside varrock east gate?

  37. The balloon, had to move it from under the maze lol

  38. i remember being 13 years old and thinking everything needed to be a sex joke.

  39. I remember being 83 years old and complaining about young people being decadent and indecent. How dare they laugh at sex jokes! Back in my days sex was dead serious. The whole village would gather around the bed wearing their funeral attire, and make sure both parties stay serious during the intercourse. If someone accidentally smiled, the priest would spank them with a knot. Nowadays you have all these morally rotten people laughing at serious matters, and that's why everything is worse now!

  40. Can I sacrifice the human to the ectofuntus instead? I don't have access to darkmeyer yet but I want my blood runes.

  41. Yes but Ectofuntus will give you prayer xp instead of blood runes. But you can also sell the humans to Desert Mining Camp in exchange for 3 iron ores!

  42. Bruh i swear the OSRS community has the weirdest people lol, shit straight out of a fever dream.

  43. Well, you need to be a little weird to spend thousands of hours cutting down medieval pixel trees and running back and forth to get pictures drawn on your pieces of stone...

  44. Do you think God stays in heaven because he fears what he has created?

  45. Yes he's hiding from me because I have some unfinished business with him

  46. been lowkey binge reading these stories and find them really good, i find osrs is pretty weird sometimes with out of nowhere horror stuff that is never touched again so hopefully we get one of those in the future and also, may i ask what's the creative process on how you make these ''creatures'' for your stories?

  47. The creative process is fairly simple, my imagination throws me random ideas and I combine them lol. Ever since I was a kid my mind has been finding all kinds of weird connections between things that are mostly unrelated. Like something might remind me of another thing just because of some tiny resemblance most people would never even think of. And then my mind rapidly bounces from one thought to another, diving through this chaotic rabbit hole of randomness, endless ideas, and infinite combinations of pre-existing ideas and references. It's very nice.

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