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  1. You wanna see an ugly MF? Go on and click my profile.

  2. Mf's teeth look like he's been using Skoal wintergreen since 1952.

  3. Who else reads CoronavirusUS to have a good day? That sub has become anti restrictions so hard that it’s amazing and a direct 180 compared to how they were like in 2021 (unlike the main sub where they’re freaking out about the slightest sniffle). They’re sounding like mini-DeSantis everyday.

  4. I've seen that😂 Granted I don't know how it was back in 2020 or 2021. This was the only c19 related sub I went on with any kind of regularity. I tried the main one very early on, but the doomer theatrics really kinda bothered/worried me on a personal level, so I went here instead.

  5. Hard to accept but true. The only way being bald could work is if you're tall and buff with a wide frame and good face. So basically if you're above average in every other physical metric.

  6. Exactly. 5'10 and not morbidly obese, but not buff isn't gonna cut it! Also face is mid at best.

  7. Johnny Sins would like a word..

  8. Johnny Sins is a literal porn star. The man gets paid to fuck.

  9. New variant drops -> everyone panic! bring back masks! get your boo$ters! -> actually the new variant isn't that bad -> new variant drops

  10. I don't know if this is the EXACT same thing that I was talking about the other day... It's pretty fucking close though. Holy shit everybody panic!!! and then, like clock work, 2 weeks later "actually it's not that bad"

  11. I'd take being ugly over looking feminine. I have a pic of my face on here. I don't THINK I'm feminine looking...I hope to God I'm not.

  12. My situation 100%. 90% (or all) girls i have met and come and come in contact with have all thought I’m outright hideous and most not holding back telling me what they think of my face, (it’s never good either) while some gay guys tell me how attractive i am and that they wish i was gay. Not happening, im strictly into girls which is ironic because most girls, if not all consider me way below average ugly.

  13. Bingo. Gay guys (of course not as a whole) seem to love the way I look. Not quite sure why, but it's true. And tbh I'm 100% grateful. When I would get those compliments on here back then, I'd feel great about myself...then I'd remember that it's dudes giving me these compliments and that I'm not gay so it doesn't even matter...and that would make me sad. Like that other guy said, if you don't look like you coulda played in the NFL or something, women aren't gonna want anything to do with you. Sorry to say.

  14. Big sporting events (March Madness, baseball playoffs, not to mention the NFL) bring out the worst and repetitive ads.

  15. I try to from time to time but generally don't care about nascar the same way I did back in my childhood.

  16. Just one more thing I hate about this pandemic shit. All I want is a Ford Crown Victoria. Those cars are now 5 to 7 grand and keep going up. Gonna have to give up on that dream and get a used Malibu or something.

  17. A little correction. Hamlin was the one doing the tackling. He tackled Cincinnati Bengals reciever Tee Higgins. Truly horrible how it happened.

  18. Does your state still require masks in medical settings? It seems like mine still has a mandate

  19. Yes it does. I live in a Midwest/Upper South state that's free and 100% open...outside of the doctor's office.

  20. You bought the Hair cancelling headphones

  21. You bastard😭 when I get my settlement money, you won't get a cent now😭

  22. That may be 100% true, tbh haven't kept up with Covid for about a year and a half. I know they were doing some nutty stuff over there in mother China, but no idea really.

  23. Please, tell me where you saw anything about “super COVID” on this sub…and no, it’s not true.

  24. I looked up China and somebody had made a post about why isn't the government protecting us... It was downvoted. But that's where I got that from.

  25. Yeah she's pretty great. Someone was selling this Joe Burrow triple rookie patch on Ebay, it was only like 20 bucks or so, so she bought it for me as a Christmas present...problem is, it was one of those digital, non physical cards, she couldn't really see that she bought a digital card(she's legally blind)...she messaged the seller, and they were very respectful and nice about it. They hooked me up!

  26. Lol I saw that! They were discussing it over in the coronavirusUS sub. Apparently the person you were fighting with is someone that's permanently on the main sub, mocking people for feeling isolated. Which of course they are.

  27. Ok once again answered my own question. Facebook is a helpful tool sometimes😂.

  28. It’s because the Arch is NPS property. I live near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and we’ve had on and off mandates for visitor centers and other indoor spaces in the park for awhile now.

  29. Wait a second. If this is the case and it's nothing really that hasn't been happening for a while anyway...why is this news? NOT TO BE RUDE, but if these places are NPS property, the masks were gonna come back wether or not the actual state had the mandates. I've known about this for like a year it feels like.

  30. Well if the CDC is mandating them in the Arch, would compliance even be there? Like if the state of Missouri isn't mandating it or if the city of StL isn't mandating it, would people even give a shit? Would it be enforced?

  31. Well if it makes you feel better, go look at the Boston sub. It seems about half and half. A lot of people saying masks can SMD and shove the mask up your ass, stuff like that. But, a lot of people saying this won't happen and even if it does, it won't be enforced. However, a lot of trust the science bigot type people too.

  32. Certain communities and train riders are still masking. They might forever...

  33. Push it in schools because kids don't really have an option. Even some of the comments I read about THAT were saying "good luck trying to get kids to put them back on"

  34. Merry Christmas to you all! Hope it's a great one!

  35. we're past the point in December when last year the Wicked Witch of the East, Gov. Hochul, reinstated a mask mandate. Thankfully this year I don't think that is going to happen, and even if it did, nobody is going to listen.

  36. Hasn't she already come out and said she wasn't gonna mandate masks?

  37. Well if you need a little pick me up over this go on Facebook and look up "Chicago mask"... I looked at all of the, I guess, Chicago affiliate news sites and the commenters aren't having it.

  38. "2 Fast, 2 Furious. I'm too fast for y'all!"

  39. They can mandate it all they want. I believe they had a mandate back in September and from what I remember reading, no one gave a fuck (could be completely wrong.)

  40. That's why I pay for premium streaming. Sick of the damn ads.

  41. The off-key guy singing the BK ads is slowly killing the NFL for me.

  42. The weird thing is, those commercials didn't bother me THAT much when it first came out. Maybe it's the fact that they seem to run it like 15-20 times during the course of a game that annoys the piss out of me.

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