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  1. More women should, the world would be a better place

  2. My wife says my pussy eating skills need work.. can I practice on you.. keep yourself occupied with my joystick while I do

  3. Wax.. I do it every other month.. it totally grows in slower.

  4. I make my own sugar wax at home, there are lots of recipes online and it’s cheap. I’m a gal but I helped my ex wax his business by himself and he found it easy on the first try.

  5. I think there is a difference between sugaring and waxing.. and on the scrotum especially.. would not do it without a professional.. long story, I went to someone still training ONCE when my regular tech was on vacation.. never again. All I said above was about someone properly trained..

  6. Looks like you had fun, do you guys want company and give her more loads?

  7. All women should keep that nice and clean.. waxing should be done monthly

  8. I think I would spin you around, hold your head and force my cock down your throat.. tell me about your gag reflex

  9. Don’t stop facefucking me til I have your whole load😋

  10. Down your throat or all over your face? Maybe I have enough for both

  11. Does he care if we do it in the same bed.. you may bounce a bit

  12. They look yummy, can you cum from nipple play?

  13. Being a mature man, there is nothing better than a mature woman.. my wife always says the same, but a woman's body is art and is beautiful so many ways.. and should be shared.

  14. Same please.. I need to be licked and sucked. Promise to make it enjoyable for both of us.

  15. Public, private, I don't care.. my hands go all over her body..

  16. Let's oil up those titties and take them for a ride..

  17. I'm partial to having my dick sucked.. but have NEVER done anal.. do you think she is up for it.. my wife will swallow your cock whole and drain your soul sucking your cum down.. sound like a good trade?

  18. Yes it should.. I am going to fight to make it a federal law..

  19. Same issue, different toy.. I think I need one with a really narrow neck

  20. I've only had this once.. I definitely want more

  21. You guys just keep getting better and better

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