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  1. One is one of the best of the entire show and one is the weakest of the season, no real contest there.

  2. This is the kind of pace and power we needed in the backs. Him, Freeman and Steward would be a pretty fun back 3.

  3. Needed to play pace and power in the attack. The forwards were solid enough but the backs weren’t quick or powerful enough. You need to play the likes of Arundell, Freeman and Porter

  4. Mr Hooper is clearly teaching Courtney how to hold a rugby ball, Courtney is confused.

  5. How mind blown was Beth in season 5 episode 8?

  6. I was confused why Hutch wasn’t in but I was looking in the wrong place. Glad he’s starting but in the wrong position for me.

  7. Carl is just as boring as Kelly for example. He was interesting at first but just became insanely stale.

  8. I don’t think Ezekiel has ever been dark, he’s always been a good man and leader.

  9. He didn’t get Glenn killed. Negan killed Glenn because he wanted to, that’s why he was taunting Rosita so much after the kill of Abe. He wanted to kill more so he was trying to draw a reaction.

  10. I’ve seen the scene enough times. Negan free that reaction because he wanted to kill another. Making Daryl think it’s his fault is a tactic to torment even more.

  11. S1: Days Gone Bye S2: Beside The Dying Fire S3: This Sorrowful Life S4: Too Far Gone S5: Four Walls And A Roof S6: No Way Out S7: TDWCWYWB S8: Some Guy S9 What Comes After S10: Walk With Us S11: No Other Way

  12. I think 10 league points should be awarded to any team that gets a prop a hattrick. It’s only fair.

  13. Rick needed to always let people know that ‘we call em walkers’ at any chance he got.

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