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  1. I wanted to do the Wooting PCB with Tofu case but noticed that the Tofu got discontinued and 2.0 took its place but its not compatible with the Wooting PCB... what other 60% options do I have?

  2. Sold my 1200 dollar maytag Bravos XL "commercial" washer that was a year old after having it break down 3 times due to shit electronics and used the money to buy a 10 year old speed queen that works better and I can repair myself, if needed. Can you get speed queen there?

  3. Currently debating between Bosch and Siemens IQ800 Series, I know its the same company but still.

  4. No you cannot.. The keys are soldered through the case plate onto the pcb. You would have to desolder and resolder the switches tor remove the pcb.

  5. you can lift the entire PCB without desoldering, just wondering if its compatible with custom 60% cases.

  6. I think that for OP's budget, a 6750XT is probably as good as it will get. And I think that in certain e-sports games, a 6750XT will struggle to hit ~400FPS even at 1080p/low (looking at a few benchmarks, Fortnite could do it. Rust, Apex, and COD could not). That's an insanely high FPS target.

  7. I actually went and ordered 6800 XT just now cause a local shop had the Sapphire Nitro+ SE 16GB on sale for 780 EUR...

  8. I mean, it's definitely a faster card, but you said your budget was 500 EUR, and you went 56% over that. Only you can decide if that's a good move.

  9. People who go on wish and aliexpress for authentic items boggle my mind. You really though it wasn't fake when you ordered?

  10. Its one of these smalls items that can be found only on Aliexpress, I didn't go looking for authentic Jordan etc.

  11. They are made by Kailh switch is a very popular company for micro switches, keyboard switches etc.

  12. Τσιιιλ τουλάχιστον έχεις τον πύργο τον λευκό

  13. Καμιά φορά έχει και στο πέταλο στην Αριστοτέλους αλλά δεν κάνουν τίποτα... μπροστά στα μάτια τους πακιντανοί πουλάνε τσιγάρα, σκυλιά χωρίς λουρί κτλ.

  14. The Wooting has twice the switch definition of the Apex, better software and better build; quality, the Iqunix uses mechanical switches unlike the magnetic ones of the other two, and has the same RGB.

  15. Man the entire world slows down when China take a few days off...

  16. the clip was an enemy killing me 4 bullets from a distance with silenced ump. He didn't even get a headshot, just 4 bodyshots.

  17. This, instead of helping cope, somehow makes the waiting for XM2W even worse

  18. I am really not feeling like paying 150 EUR for a mouse that I already own and it's 8g heavier but wireless.

  19. We have a few things in the works. In various price brackets.

  20. Weird to see Razer reps in a " viper mini clone " mouse thread.

  21. I'm sure this will be yet another value banger.

  22. Probably but we don't know yet what Razer will be doing with the mini wireless and how many versions of it are they going to release.

  23. do logitech tease their products prior to release or no

  24. optical switches wouldnt even needed, i like the 20m omron implementation of the gpx.

  25. OptimumTech saw a further improvement in latency when he switched his 20M for GM2.0.

  26. Arc 1 would be GOATed control skates if the adhesive didn't suck, the feeling is absolutely amazing.

  27. They don't pick up any texture at all hence they are very smooth. If thats your thing then yeah sure go for it.

  28. Idk boardzy said the same thing so I got CorePads for my viper ultimate and they were scratchy AF

  29. Its the shell design that makes the click feel ass not the switches. Viper v2 is using the exact same and they feel great for opticals.

  30. Lamzu also kind of copied XM1 shape

  31. Glorious Model O- is using the Kailh Red encoder which is the smoothest and most silent on the market.

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