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Biden said Ukraine air defence missile responsible for Poland blast - NATO source

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  1. I feel like once they add NPCs the game will really open up in the late game and keep things engaging especially if they fit naturally into the game like if you find someone 5 months into the outbreak they’d be more hardened or hostile compared to the beginning when everyone was in a panic

  2. We are years away from such a huge update, dont hold your breath for it, if you only play solo, make the best of what you can with mods. Some really make the experience less monotone after the initial struggle is over, like survivor radio or extended helicopter evet, those come to my mind first. without survivor radio i dont see myself ever playing solo again.

  3. Whats survivor radio do? And yeah ik im not holding out for it but hey maybe they’ve made miraculous progress we don’t know about and they’re coming sooner than we think xd

  4. Survivor radio gives a few more frequencies stations that go on broadcasting after the initial 9days when all tv stations go dark. Some play music, movies, and weather reports for the next day (good to avoid going out in the rain and fog). It gives much needed immersion so you don't feel lonely, always got the time of day to turn on and listen.

  5. Considering he was specifically mentioned in a citizenship law passed by Putin (among only 72 other people btw), I’m gonna assume no. If he did though, that would be probably the most specific draft law ever passed.

  6. He wont be drafted, he is a thorn in the eyes of the US whose relations with Russia are on an all time low since the cold war, so he is there as a token victory in human rights department. Just like most of white Slavs (read as the true Russians) from the European part of Russia aren't. They draft people from places like Dagestan, Chechnya and other poor regions of the Federation that in the west no one even heard of, so far at least.

  7. Lol Poland is not capable of doing anything, they just bark really loud.

  8. At the current rate they'll have stonger army than Germany and almost as big as France's in couple years, they went all out. Question, of course is, whether that's sustainable.

  9. Take a look at their gdp and figure that one for yourself if its sustainable.

  10. Just the one that makes potios weight 0.1 instead of 0.5 units, as you will be holding a lot of those and its super frustrating to have potions take over 50% of your inventory space.

  11. Eject magazine by rightclicking on a gun in inventory and then do a load/unload rotation for a few hours (a cookie clicker game basically). Works best if you can find a large extended or drum magazine as it levels faster the more bullets it can hold.

  12. I joined the Imperials on my first playthrough. After absorbing the lore and background of the war, I started joining the Stormcloaks. No sense in taking the time to go into why because this thread is about to turn into a shitfest of hissing and spitting before getting closed by the mods anyway.

  13. This sub used to be spammed by people showing off their imperial dragon tattoo for years, never saw a single stormcloacks one, every time someone crticized that Imperials are worse and the others are fighting for just cause they would be labeled as racist. But 99% of them get a tattoo not bothering to lern the lore outside of skyrim as a singular game. I always think about how dumb do they feel when they realize that Imperials are enabling the slavery of kajit and argonians yet bash on stormcloacks for fighting for their own homes. Some globalist agenta ane its finest.

  14. It's always one half of the players (probably more) drawing non-canonical allegories between a fictional fantasy world and the real world as they perceive it. It's why these types of threads are banned on this sub and even

  15. I doubt Bethesda will have the balls to create next ES game with such hot political topics out of fear of bad press, given the nature how regulated gaming industry is today, so chances are we are stuck with imperials vs stormcloacks debate for a forseable future. But in reality as long as ESO exists and gets new expansions, there will be no ES6. That teaser trailer from few years ago is all that exist and it is probably not even on their calendar for this decade.

  16. Also there is a mod for zombie loot to sometimes drop actual usefel items, cigarets and lighters are in there, as are ocasional food cans, ducktapes, even tools like screwdrivers, hammers, light torches etc...

  17. Yes, let’s pump profits into that socialist dickwads pockets. Great idea. And I’m sure the people suffering there will welcome his newest financial ally, the US with open arms and not try to destroy any effort we make to drill their oil. Christ our Government has become brain dead over the last 10 years.

  18. Kremlin obviously neglected the part where the russian soldier faked surrender, began shooting at the ukrainian soldiers getting all of his team dead in the process.

  19. You can expect the Russians to answer for war crimes when US does the same, which is never so don't hold your breath. Ukraine however might get punished because they did commit warcrimes since 2014, and they don't have thousands of nukes so nobody ultimately gives a fuck about them, since they have little say in it. After all, like Russia they too are an ex soviet mafia state run by criminals - the capability to destroy entire world.

  20. I might get flak for this, but for true emersion go sandbox, turn off zombie respawn and day lenght to 2h. Then die as many times as you need while slowly clearing the area for good without respawning zombies

  21. No need, even on normal there are over 200k zombies, you will never survive anyway, but you can make some small safe zones. Hell some youtuber survived 1500 in game days and when he died he got around 25k kills total. You will get better imersed without respawn zombies, but the game doesnt get any less harder ultimatelly.

  22. There are two creatures you should never attack in the open, Giants and Chicken. Both are equally lethal even on higher levels.

  23. I'm guessing it starts with M and ends with olotov cocktail

  24. I think that too, im yet to come across a wildfire in this game. I did however threw a couple of molotovs in Louisvile once, drew about 3 blocks away in my hideout and didnt check that part of town for a few in game days. After a long time i returned to see everything still burning. If i made a break from the game for a few days id might forget where all the fire comes from.

  25. Thing about the former Yugoslav wars is that all waring parties commited war crimes to each other on not a small scale mind you, But someone had to be painted the main bad guy. It was the 90s, there was no internet, what you see on tv is the only source of information you get. No one talks about radical religious muslim fanatics that poked around on Kosovo, ambishing police patrols, or indeed killing and beheading Serbs, and frankly nobody cared about it at the time, and that was late 80s, early 90s before the war. Only now when heads fall of peoples sholders in France 20 years later does everyone get outraged. And todays Kosovo is the main exporter of fighters that join ISIS. The so called KLA (Kosovo liberation army) was recognized as a terrorist organization by US up untill the point they founs the use for them in the 90s and over night they became freedom fighters. Anyone with an ounce of common sensse knew that was US and NATO did on Kosovo will eventually come to bite them in the ass big time, its probably the single bigest fuckup west did in mondern age, because after the cold war, every conflict in Europe is seeded on Kosovo, a small insignificant parch of land (but in center of Europe) that cant be ignored.

  26. Independence of Kosovo was an amazing achievement of Western civilization. We can only be proud of it.

  27. Why arent all of you, who are proud, cheering for Donbas republics independance then, cosindering the majority of people who live there are Russians?

  28. They might have the range but the distance it has to travel would make it easy to shoot down.

  29. Easy to shoot down an ICBM coming from low orbit at 29.000kmph. it literally takes minutes for it to reach its destination. You have no idea how ICBM-s work do you?

  30. After morrowind and oblivion, skyrim (except for graphics) was a hollowed, dumbed down game in every other aspect.

  31. And a Happy birthday to Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer.

  32. Little did they know, there were no good bethesda games ever since.

  33. While driving back to base from a successful loot run i go in option to light a cigar to get the smoker moodle away, and i had a brain freeze, click on the gun in glovebox and press suicide(mod). It was a 3 in game months run. I casually proceeded to make a new character and start all over again like i didnt lose 10days of my life for nothing.

  34. ive built a few water bases, do it for the building fun but frankly it gets super boring when there is zero threat

  35. Its not just that, the location is so out of place, even thinking about transporting everything you need to make a sustainable base there is a chore that would bore you out of your mind half way through. And once you get there, build your house/farm, theres just nothing to do except looking at the screen waiting for crops to grow, and nothing else.

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