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  1. A few things 1) Jenna Fischer from the office is also in the pictures 2) Billie’s grey hair is 🔥 . I hope he keeps it. 3) those kids definitely look like young Billie Mike and tre

  2. Love that Billie's going with his natural hair and that cut looks great. Regardless of what he does with it, I envy all the looks he can pull off.

  3. Hard to compare since they’re all such completely different shows with completely different goals/purposes, but I think we can all agree that Seth and his career is special given the breadth and variety of his work. He’s an enigma in the best of ways and it’s all been top tier and incredible to watch his career trajectory.

  4. I read that too, it clearly talked about wrapping things up. Strangely the article is no longer available and searching gets a ‘some results removed under European law’.

  5. That article wasn't true. It was made up by a clickbait website that is not trustworthy.

  6. Ed and Kelly DID know about Gordon’s family though. It is in the bio they had. (There’s a slight continuity error since it says Gordon and Laura only had one kid, but the graphic might have been made before it was known that Leighton was pregnant IRL.) There’s a screen cap out there somewhere with it or if you pause at the right moment you can read the whole thing.

  7. I can see how Gordon not experiencing it would allow him to be detached from the situation, I guess, it’s just that for me in my interpretation of his character Gordon wouldn’t be able to do that. I could see Ed being able to compartmentalize it away, but not Gordon.

  8. The fucked up thing is since this gordon never had that family it's a hypothetical. I've got my 2 year old son sleeping in my lap. He had a younger potential sibling that miscarried in the first trimester. I know that was potentially another child that could be as real as my son in my lap but that's just a though. My living son in my lap feels so much more real.

  9. Sorry, saw this after I replied to your thread.

  10. I get what you're saying and if it went that way I wouldn't disbelieve that development.

  11. Absolutely, especially since Ed and Kelly didn't really think through their plan very well.

  12. I loved them showing up on the bridge all "jammed up" as our favorite helmsman would say.

  13. Thank you to the best damn Captain in the galaxy for being all around great guy, advocate for humanity, and for the passion and dedication he puts into every project.

  14. That's a false rumor spread by a less-than-reputable website.

  15. General apologized for it. It was the first and last time he ever used that sub (his regular paving sub pulled out last minute). The sub got sued by the employee for his kid getting hurt, so he pulled me and the general in. That activated the construction insurance/surety bond and the company that issued it sent in some heavy hitting lawyers that issued subpoenas for everything under the sun. Pretty quickly they had the sub scared, so he turned on his employee -- surprise, surprise who was his wife's brother and the injured party was his nephew. From what the lawyers told me when I was dropped from the lawsuit, they'd actually pulled this con before in another part of the state. They sued for just under the threshold for small claims court because they didn't want lawyers involved, but the insurance companies lawyers countersued them for fraud for twice as much, moving the whole thing to regular civil court. At that point, they kept dropping their amount to settle until finally they caved and admitted it was a scam. That got state officials involved and any claims against me were dismissed WITH PREJUDICE (such a nice phrase to hear).

  16. No, the kid did hurt himself but nowhere near to the extent they claimed. Superficial bruises, not fractured bones.

  17. Well that’s a partial relief. Sorry you got pulled into that, but at least you were protected.

  18. I must say, I'm quite impressed with the fact that the man behind Family Guy is well capable of writing literate science fiction episode that touch upon interesting themes that make one think such as Majority Rule and Mad Idolatry.

  19. Although, of the episodes I’ve watched, I do think Family Guy is smarter than it gets credit for, at least back when Seth was running it.

  20. I read a book where this is accepted and people are haunted by the ghosts of their previous selves, all while knowing they are just a copy.

  21. That sounds amazing and reminds me of the movie Flatliners. Still one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. (The original, not the remake.)

  22. Or: A computer virus is afflicting the Kaylons, and a biological virus is afflicting the "biologicals". They need each other to survive.

  23. Love that, so many possibilities to play with.

  24. Trying to take Gordon from 2025 was definitely not a well thought out plan. They knew about his wife and kid before they saw him. Did they really expect him to go willingly? And it would still leave the timeline messed up.

  25. No, I very distinctly remember watching the credits and, after them, there was the post-credit scene.

  26. Which service did you watch it on when this happened? (I watched it when first premiered on Hulu as well as D+ and it wasn’t there nor was it there in subsequent viewings.)

  27. Disney plus (not US, so premiered directly on D+)

  28. Argh, bless the high seas for preserving history. I believe the old version of Twice in a Lifetime still floats out there as well.

  29. I don’t see humanity or the planet making it another 400 years, but I love The Orville for giving me enough hope to stick around and find out what happens in my lifetime at least. Even though it’s not very fun right now.

  30. He can pull off hairstyles/colors and outfits that I can only wish I could.

  31. Even if there isn't a season 4, hopefully we'll get some comics or maybe even another novella or two. Producer/Writer Andre Bormanis is also working on a

  32. I really enjoyed the book and thought it was a brilliant take in the "stuck in the holodeck" idea. The questions of nature vs nuture and legal vs moral accountability were very interesting and I'd love to see them expanded on.

  33. It's not exploitative it needs to never be forgotten.

  34. Absolutely, especially with the frighteningly similar rhetoric and ideologies that have gained traction in the last few years.

  35. This is one of my favorite sequences in the whole series. Every time I watch this episode I have to rewind this part several times before continuing. That nebula is beyond gorgeous.

  36. Dude can still around run around a stage for 90+ minutes while playing a guitar and singing, I think he's okay.

  37. Ugh, this why I can't stand watching YouTubers. Something that can be googled in 10 seconds and they pad it with annoying nonsense like it's some new revelation. Or when someone takes a short preexisting video and breaks it up to lengthen it by adding their own "insight" throughout.

  38. I understand what you mean, but it's almost like when you tell someone you had a dream about them acting very out of character. It can't mean anything to that person even though at the time it felt very real to you.

  39. Yeah, I guess it's just that for me Gordon's actions in the past didn't seem out of character. I can absolutely believe that's exactly how it would have gone down. I can't believe he made it three years on his own to be honest. He's so lonely on ship as it is and feels things so deeply, he's the one character I could see not hesitating to leave the Union in order to start a family, especially since he seems the least enamored with the "duty above all else" idea.

  40. Lol, Third Time's the Charm will be the name of the final Laura and Gordon episode!

  41. That was so brutal, still can't believe Ed said that without even flinching or a hint of remorse. That's not the Ed I know and I wonder if he included that when telling his best friend Gordon about what happened.

  42. almost certainly not. would be interesting, and a bit of karmic justice if teleya somehow were able to find out, and sees to it he learns the whole truth

  43. Yeah, if there’s another season it would be interesting to see if they do go back to this at all.

  44. I like the intro as a way to kinda get into the Orville mood as it were. I think of it like the overture of a musical, it's a time to let go of the real world and step into the world of the show.

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