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I always buy the first dip

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  1. Blockchain is the new revolution in this modern digital tech world and it is coming in the real estate industry to revolutionize it completely

  2. What is wrong in diverting our own savings. Its our money and we have the right to do what we want.

  3. Yeah it's all our decision and money. Gensler can't do anything in that

  4. It is a great investment but not because of your reasoning. Any shitcoin can up and down, that doesn't mean its a great investment, Ethereum is a great investment because of the tech. Its the most secure and reliable L1 with the most TVL

  5. I agree with you brother and you have described it very correctly.

  6. Ethereum is and will always remain the greatest of all time and you can't question this

  7. Better use MetaMask, or any other wallet, than Robinhood's!

  8. Rightly said. Metamask is better than Robin Hood.

  9. It's a good wallet to use and I usually prefer it as it is very easy to operate.

  10. Crypto doesn't need any celebrities to endorse it. Crypto itself is a big brand

  11. At the end of the day even if ETH is used for something illicit it will almost always be cashed out to USD somewhere down the line.

  12. Yeah its time to integrate L2. We want it now

  13. The first one will be probably doge and shib

  14. Yes. Thousand shitcoins are their to give you some panic attack.

  15. But it's a huge number, can we believe it so easily

  16. That's a very very big dip man. I can't imagine the loss binance will suffer from luna

  17. Oh i am holding both from last 7 years can i get some discount in other cryptocurrencies too.

  18. Yes I do, I work in McDonalds 🤣🤣🤣

  19. New adoption process going on. Good for crypto users

  20. Why does this happen 9/10 times. Every single time I buy the dip it goes down further

  21. It works like this can't ignore this process.

  22. Yep buying every single dip till you have fiat

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