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  1. Nice try, you’re not getting my spot in q!

  2. No. Earn it the same way everyone else will once we get the update.

  3. So I spend $100 on a cutlass black and now I lose it and am forced to use my game pack mustang alpha? That doesn’t seem quiet fair

  4. Does that make sense? Let's say someone bought a $500 ship the day before a wipe. You think that person is just out $500 with nothing to show for it? How exactly would that be legal?

  5. Where did I make that comment? You are arguing a point that isn't relevant. Your post violates the rules of the community. Period.

  6. No it doesn’t, sorry but I’m not responsible for how others feel emotionally that’s their problem to be mature enough to handle a joke.

  7. The rules clearly state that posts have to be about Star Citizen and be respectful. Your post was neither. Apparently the mods agree.

  8. I live with my parent while attending college (year and half left) I got my associates while in service and it made a lot more sense for my last 2 years for a bachelors to just live with them. Rent by me for a single bedroom appt is 2800$ without utilities etc. I commute 35 minutes to my college, honestly isn’t that bad.

  9. I have nothing against you enjoying PvP....but that doesn't mean I am obligated to stick around for it or thank you for the experience afterwards. I think you folks that want to play pirate or randomly attack people need to accept the fact that people aren't going to be cordial with them.

  10. No I understand that I’m just curious why people are so against it in the fact they want it removed and also was curious how often people who are hard core against having it in game are actually attacked etc

  11. Looks like the people you were fighting were PING abusing. Hence why they all had knives, they be able to using the knife to kill you before the server was able to populate wheee they were due to a horrible PING

  12. It’s worth more that the original price as the Carrack has seen a big price jump. Good pack for getting larger ships on the chesp

  13. Now that's interesting - what makes you think that?

  14. You're downvoted because you are obnoxious in the way you talk to everyone all the time.

  15. You seem very invested, it’s a video game and this in the internet, might wanna take a break mate

  16. Lol I love when people who are so wrong are so certain and they start they post with “wrong” xD Who cares? People who are not selfish jerks care about others having fun too.

  17. Yea bc me looting a box from a bunker mission that I’m doing is wrong right? What if I wanted to loot them while doing bunker missions, then you’re imposing on my game play

  18. The boxes are worth almost no money, so I wouldn’t even bother man. Just loot the containers though

  19. All settings to high, turn off clouds. Turn off V-sync and use your monitors free-sync or g-sync.

  20. They’re probably lying about the time. The MED boards usually take less then 6 months. I think it was max 180 days from the submission date of the medical files to the MEB to findings/decision to come back (according to the DOD order). Sometimes it takes less then a week though. I was separated when they were back logged, so it took around 8 months. But some dudes on there who got submitted months after me got findings in less then 2 weeks. I wouldn’t even mind staying the extra few months if I had too. I would just call the plebo almost every week to ask for an update/time frame.

  21. When is 3.18? They’re talking about future stuff without even the “newest” patch that hasn’t released yet with??

  22. The rest of the work isn't frozen while they work on stabilizing 3.18

  23. How are they going to do work on 3.19 if they don’t even have a 3.18 code available?

  24. I think the Hercules in game is better suited towards what you're describing

  25. I agree currently it’s the best option, but in the future it makes more sense to have a dedicated ship for this specific idea. A ship hunter is meant to hunt down ships, the Hercules is mainly transport and troop transport (A2 has bombs, but can hold Spartans etc so it’s more of a bomb and then let some mother fuckers out). I think the hunter variant with its sleeker design makes more sense, it’s a smaller target width wise, and would be dope for immersive multi crew gameplay as a support ship in combat operations that doesn’t need to be directly in the fighting zone, plus it just would look cool as fuck. I mean a ship meant to hunt down other ships would mainly be a support vessel, no need to make every ship in game able to do everything will mitigating others. At least this way the Hercules has a more dedicated cargo/transport role, while the Starliner is passenger transport/air support.

  26. Playing modded MC cause it’s more immersive atm with some friends. I hop in the PTU to do some ship combat, but don’t want to spoil everything and get bored quickly once 3.18 drops

  27. Can’t speak for SQ42 because they don’t share anything, but bounty hunting V2 will be dope for SC PU

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