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  1. IIRC he doesn't eat dairy, meat, or junk like burger/fries/chips/cakes.

  2. I voted bar to 95lbs but I don't know if I was able to bench even the bar when I started out. I for sure know I wasn't able to bench the bar with 5kg on either side.

  3. Not really. I just didn't/don't train the barbell bench press much (if at all). The only time I do it is whenever I'm testing my 1RM once or twice a year.

  4. Ashwagandha is a bullshit supplement with no known scientific evidence. And I say this as an Indian who's sick of this bullshit.

  5. Hard to tell butt wink gurinchi, but IIRC it's much less of an issue than it's made out to be.

  6. correct answer and tighten your butt before you lift

  7. How does that work though? Like tightening your butt before you lift is not possible because it's in a stretched position due to the hinge.

  8. You do know failed contraception is a thing right? Even vasectomies can fail.

  9. The God of War theme from GoW 2018. Bury the Light (Vergil's theme from DMC5). Welcome, Imlerith from The Witcher 3. Runnin' from Creed 2. Rocky theme song. Straight Out The Gate by Tech N9Ne.

  10. The guy who feels F1 can have a 26 race calendar with a race every other weekend and those who feel that's too much can work elsewhere.

  11. The only races george outright beat lewis on pace the whole race were brazil and monza after the experiments

  12. And IMO Lewis would've caught up and passed George in Brazil if not Max driving into him.

  13. Adhi lekapothe ele cheppu. Every week we were given two options abbailaki girls ammailaki ithe two boys to pick after sunday funday episode. After picking one bigg boss will send them to the secret room we are given 30 min per person for esukovadam after that we are sent back to the game.

  14. We'll just put machine gun turrets to the cars then. How's that for attack mode?

  15. Let's have those bonus attacks on the floor that get activated after one drives over them, Death Race style.

  16. What is the part of your leg called that goes from the bottom of your hip to below the knee, along the outside of the leg? I think it’s not a muscle, it’s a tendon-like thing? And what does it mean if deadlifts cause it discomfort on one leg?

  17. I think you're referring to the IT band but that ends at the knee. Try lowering the weight and focussing on the form when deadlifting.

  18. Transliteration of Picture 2: 30-11-2022 va tedina Visakhapatannam kaaryaalayamlo Telugu chalana chitra vaanijya mandali kaaryavarga samaavesamu jariginappudu Sankranti & Dasara panduga rojulalo Telugu cinemalanu pradarsinchutaku praadhaanyata ivvaalane amsam pai charchaku vachchinappudu sudeerghamuga charchinchatam jariginadi. Logada Telugu chalana chitra vaanijya mandali atyavasara kaaryavarga samaavesamy 8-12-2017 va tedina jariginappudu ee vishayamu meeda oka teermaanamu cheyadam jariginade. Ee teermaanamunu gurinchi kuda 30-11-2022 na jarigina kaaryavarga samaavesamulo charchinchadam jarigindi. Aa teermaanam pathri ni indu venta mee samaachaara nemittamai pampuchunnaamu.

  19. Yeah I don't think Bob knows how to read/write Telugu even now. IIRC even for Businessman the director, Puri Jagannadh, had to recite the dialogues to him which he'd then repeat.

  20. It’s not a good excuse and I think u meant Jr NTR. Rana talked about how he perfected language in Manchi Lakshmi talk show, put lot of effort. Antha endhuku nenu ABCD batch and veelakanna baga Telugu matladathanu ani collar egaresi mari chepthanu

  21. Still don't get it. I know Tennant played The Doctor. But what's that got to do with Toto?

  22. My favourite season this. Easily my favourite companion, and also my favourite Doctor.

  23. Ippude comment chesav...anthalone🤨🤔

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