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  1. A lot of people aren’t and when the wall of truth hits them…it’s bad…TikTok is full of delusional people having mental breakdowns…it’s pretty funny.

  2. Exactly, people just can’t admit to how boring and uninteresting their lives are so they start with this garbage horseshit.

  3. Him and Swanson would get along just fine. Ron knows he’s an idiot but he knows that his cause is right

  4. Ron would probably respect him for his convictions and staying true to who he is.

  5. You’re a grand ole flag you’re a something something flag

  6. He was a natural ladies man from the sound of it, a real outgoing flashy football star, but then shame of what happened in the state championship made him internalize all of it

  7. "You got those weak ankle bones from your mommy because I didn’t have none when I did it to her!"-Cotton Hill

  8. Both walking around with teenage pimples XD

  9. Mira Sorvino, Mina Suvari, Chloe Sevigny?

  10. They’re going to keep doing this shit in broad daylight until society boils over. 🍿

  11. But only if the moon is in retrograde and you recently charged your crystals

  12. This is the one. It’s one of my top 10 lines from the entire series.

  13. ”Ah, first try. They should have made difficult bosses.”

  14. Me on Elden Ring after spending hours looking up and leveling up my equipment.

  15. It was also a terrorist hate crime but the media won’t call it what it is.

  16. I was born in Arlandria and moved to Oxon Hill MD when I was 13 I’m 29 now

  17. This song is very special to me, this was the first slipknot song I ever heard many years ago. Since then, I have been a maggot. This is only one of two songs that have kinda changed the way I listen to music. The first one was "One" by metallica, I snuck downstairs to watch headbangers ball on MTV and one blew my mind and I felt that same energy and more when I happened to see them and it was a whole other world for me , this was EPIC for me, Slipknot is my favorite band now. I have seen them in concert a few times and they bring it for concerts. I love this song.

  18. 2002, Resident Evil end credits, My Plague (New Abuse Mix) my life changed forever I’ll be 30 in a few months and Slipknot is still my favorite band

  19. I started watching RT from Jack and Geoff’s guides to finding the collectibles in L.A. Noire

  20. Just knowing my bunny loves me and I’d give the air from my lungs for her is all I need.

  21. If helping or saving something is left than maybe being on the right isn’t right for the soul lol

  22. Well people on the right say that gun ownership is "their god given right" I’d like for them to point out in their Bible where that passage is.

  23. Tu madre es me punta is a famous Spanish greeting after all!

  24. Back in the late 80's my father was on a used car lot and the owner walks up to my dad and says "Hola besa mi culo" he had been told it meant hello good morning. lol

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