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  1. Great tips thanks! I’ll be through paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in may. Typically takes like 5-7 weeks so sounds like if I freeze right up until it’s mailed I should be good.

  2. Awesome paddle. Good luck on your trip. Maybe we'll cross paths on the trail.

  3. Will you be doing it this spring? I’m leaving late may

  4. Looking to paddle the Northern Forest Canoe Trail this spring and my brother got me this bending branches explorer plus. I’ve only ever used cheapo plastic paddles so needless to say I’m stoked to get this thing wet!

  5. If you mean pine creek in PA I would honestly say any old aluminum or plastic canoe off Craigslist would be fine, as there’s really only one stretch of Class 2. If you want a nicer boat the old town discovery 169 or Penobscot would be a good tandem and when the kid gets older he could feasibly solo them. If you want to splurge a bit more you could look for a prospector model in t formex or used in royalex. That’s the best all rounder IMO as it could handle just about any reasonable whitewater and is reasonably light and tracks well enough for lake trips with portages. Lancaster marine stocks the esquif prospector 16 which a great boat for ~2k

  6. It’s free until Jan 1st I would guess you could leave your car there for a night but not sure. I’ve never seen it more than 1/2 full so I can’t see why it would be a problem.

  7. Honestly there’s no reason to buy brand new high tech gear especially when you’re just starting out. There’s a lot of good old stuff on Craigslist etc. A lot of it is bomb proof too even if it’s not as light. And if you have even basic repair skills you can make stuff last a really long time. A lot of my hunting buddies joke that their grandpa killed a lot of deer in a flannel and blue jeans with a hand me down rifle and I think that sentiment applies here too. Plus you can always replace your stuff with the latest and greatest over time. If you want to.

  8. I love this trail! I think they put this sign up (and the one right after it) because of its proximity to the Methodist summer camp, but that’s just a guess. My favorite time to do this hike is when a dense fog rolls in and everything looks eerie!

  9. I noticed this today, the top layer appears to be peeling. Is this a big problem and is it fixable? I shot a few groups this morning and it seems to be shooting fine but I don’t want to press my luck

  10. Is there any way to prevent this with a future bow? This bow is probably from the 70s and was living in an attic until I got it last year

  11. Damn that’s a bummer, I’m not sure the breaks of string but it was a Flemish twist set up by the trad guy at Lancaster archery. Arrows were warrior 400 spine 8.2 hip uncut with a 200gr field tip

  12. I went in may this year a few weeks after ice out, most people in my group wore neoprene booties/socks under water shoes or sandals then a pair of sneakers or boots for camp. The neoprene was great on the water and we just wore them around camp on days when it was wet and rainy too.

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