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  1. Yes, proper cleaning and priming before you dip is a very important step. 90% of the time your dip will come out pretty janky with no primer.

  2. I ended up using primer anyway. I’m having trouble with drips because I’ve never really done this before but I’m hoping I can get them off.

  3. Because without context it doesn't make any fucking sense. WHY would anyone bring up the patriarchy JUST because he said he feels suicidal. Sorry, doesn't compute. I see men on this app vent every single day and they receive a normal amount of support. But, depending on where he's posting the type of responses he receives might be skewed. That's why I asked what spaces he's tried to vent in. Context matters, if he's reaching out to the wrong people then he needs to be aware so that he can go to more supportive communities. Acting like everyone will turn him down just because he's a man is complete bull.

  4. I dunno about that man, I’ve made a couple posts like this when I was in a bad place and most of the time I look at it an hour later and it’s been downvoted and nobody replied.

  5. Why would it be crashing? I think there is another problem you need to solve here.

  6. I had a shitty smart TV that did all sorts of weird shit and I just don’t want one but I’m noticing that’s not a thing anymore. Not sure why every TV has to have an OS but whatever.

  7. It should be orange when the console is turned off and the psu is in standby mode. If it's plugged in to another and it's white. Listen to see if you hear the fan kick on and off or any sound from the hdd. Ive seen consoles that are set to quick startup mode/standby setting the psu brick will stay white instead of orange.

  8. Maybe that’s it then, there is some slight humming coming from it whenever I plug it in but it’s kinda hard to hear where from. Is that a good sign? Sorry about all the questions I wanna learn how to figure this out myself but this one needs to get fixed.

  9. No problem. That's what we are here for. We are here to help each other out and spread our knowledge to help everyone be able to do this kind of work better. The board schematics for that console is in this sub reddits discord. It will help you be able to track down where your having issues with power. If you don't find them I can link them to you.

  10. I'm gonna move to a Midwestern state if I can. Then your politicians are very powerful so your vote is in turn valuable

  11. Here’s a tip from someone who lives in Wisconsin.

  12. I can’t think of a more Reddit thing than posting an opinion in a community that largely agrees with it just to have everyone agree with it.

  13. Are you trying to fix the sync button?

  14. Yep, I’m trying to glue the spring end down so it can still push back

  15. I've never been a big fan of CA glues (super glue) for plastics, it off gasses fumes that can craze some plastics while curing. My usual go to adhesive is 5 minute epoxy. What part are you trying to fix?

  16. The sync button broke off at the end of the spring part so it won’t stay in anymore

  17. Yes you can glue it back. Only need to use a drop or 2 of glue at the very end. Ive had to do it a ton of times and if you only glue the end the front half will still act as a spring. Be careful which glue you use. Some will eat and destroy plastic. Which will only make things worse for you. I use 2 drops of gorilla glue. They have a few different models of super glue but some are safe to use on plastic.

  18. I have some super glue but I’m not sure how plastic safe it is. I do have plastic JB weld though is that safe for this plastic?

  19. Oof if it's still under warranty I would send it in.

  20. I’m kinda trying to repair it myself to sell. This little part is a little out of my wheelhouse.

  21. How are people breaking this button. I have only used the sync button when I first got my system and set up my controllers.

  22. I dunno man it was like this when I got it a few days ago, power supply and sync button were broken and the PSU is fixed but now it’s just this button.

  23. I feel like you and his girlfriend are a lot alike

  24. Dude your fiancé is a fucking lowlife. Like how does someone even fall in love with someone like that?

  25. There’s always the option of just not telling her but never mentioning them again. Just stop responding much if she brings up your lies and you never bring them up and eventually they’ll be a thing of the past.

  26. It's kind of NSFW but he had a cake made poking fun at her death and overdose only three months after it occurred, and it's absolutely disgusting.

  27. Well it’s apparently just not safe to be a fan of anyone.

  28. Does she knows what subs your on, what you do on there and have a clue what so ever?

  29. Yeah console repair, weed subs, we talk about this sub once in awhile.

  30. Bruh this guys post history is a wild adventure

  31. the entire premise of the sub invites death. It's curated, recycled content from a different site with more personalty than this one.

  32. My mom wont believe that a 1 month year old cat can eat food yet, We have some kitten food for her, But she wont eat it, My mom says "NO, no, SHE'S still young and can't eat, SHE drinks milk only" My mom is so annoyinggg

  33. Well if it’s only a month old it should still have it’s mom around honestly. But if your mom keeps trying to feed it milk instead of really nutritious food the cat could die.

  34. Yes. The ability to resist tyranny is just as important as the internet.

  35. Lmao yeah you right, we need semi auto rifles more than the internet. What a joke

  36. Doesn't matter what we need. Rights don't require that you need them.

  37. Well, it seems like there’s a halfway decent chance that right is gonna change soon so I wish you luck in fighting the tyranny when that happens.

  38. I think I just beat my record the other day and did it for like 6 minutes. I work, I have a side gig, I don’t got time to kiss for hours, even if I love my girlfriend.

  39. Best and easiest to just replace it. Microsoft uses so much of thermal or vibration adhesive it's a pain. You could end up causingore damage. Not to mention if your not ise to working with psu or high voltages you can seriously injure if not kill yourself. Some of them caps have up to 450 volts in them.

  40. Good explanation, that makes sense, I’ll be purchasing a replacement PSU after work then

  41. Then stop posting, what’s the point? Nobody here cares that women hate you. Stop being a simp.

  42. Most other people don’t post 3 times in a row

  43. Predicted the joke when you didn’t say her age in the first sentence

  44. Neither Pelosi or any or these rich politicians who shouldn’t be worth what they are worth

  45. Well no shit but I’m a bit more annoyed about the 100 billionaire not paying taxes than the millionaire.

  46. What makes him a nuisance. Could it be cause he don’t want to conform to the liberals one sided box meaning the side that has no brain of course or is it when he sees bullshit he calls bullshit on it

  47. Nah it’s the fact that he acts like a genius when he’s just a man child who got money from his family (who got it from apartheid) and poured it into already good ideas.

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