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  1. Ah hell, there’s a whole YouTube video about how vastly different Origins was originally supposed to be, but I’m on my phone and can’t look right now, sorry

  2. Thank you very much for the input, will do if I need help

  3. It does seem volume controls a little more precision on headphones over the ear. I have Soundcore Q30 that has buttons. Bose QC 35, JBL live 660 also use buttons. Some use more touch controls on side.

  4. Shit, forgot to add that I really appreciate your input in the response, apologies

  5. Is it the headphone themselves that are the problem or the sound coming from them? How does she tolerate general everyday life sounds?

  6. Thank you for the input! I don't know if the headphones themselves are the issue, it seems she has issues with loud noises and she said if she were to use headphones she'd have to keep them on lower settings. I'm thinking maybe noise cancelling headphones with volume control might be the best option

  7. Breaking news: Silent Hill isn't the only series to feature walking sound effects

  8. Kojima shares none of the blame in this. If anything I'd say that falls more on Konami and Sony since Hasan said he worked with them and talked with Konami about using the silent hill IP. If that's not true then they should've said something.

  9. I've heard people say Hasan talked to Konami about using Silent Hill, but I've been unable to find a source of him saying it, do you or anyone else reading this know where I can find proof of him saying it?

  10. I wonder if the patch will drop in an hour from now, it would be the same time they planned for it to originally work, and it has already been a few hours since they updated the website saying the patch will be live

  11. There is something in the fog right? 🧐

  12. I do see a vague shape in the background, but that might just be image compression as well

  13. If there's one thing I can add for input, the shadows are really inconsistent in this, other than that I like it so far

  14. I remember playing 2 with the old voices and it wasn’t the worst thing in the entire world. That’s the only part of the HD remaster I can give you a pass on. You do not want to play SH3 on the HD Collection. Not only our all the voices new because of not being able to find the original actress, the volume syncing with the voice acting is off by a very noticeable 2-3 seconds and completely ruins the immersion of the game and that’s not counting the game breaking bugs. For SH, just try to wait for a good emulation or save up any sort of cash you can and get the PS2 originals online but I understand how difficult that can be in 2021 with skyrocketing prices. Good luck and keep on looking, I know plenty of fans that put up their old copies of SH2 and 3 and 4 for decent prices like $50-$60 instead of something over $100. I’m thinking of selling my Directors Cut of SH2 on Xbox and hooking up a new fan to play SH2 for cheap like $40-$50.

  15. I did find a seller who was selling PS2 discs that even though they weren't the original discs, had SH2, 3, and a few more on them, (I'm pretty sure they took the files for the games and put them on empty discs) and all I need to do to play those is order them, get a PS2 Freemcboot storage card, maybe a new controller, and then I should be able to play them. Does that sound like a good plan? They sell SH2, 3, 4, and Shattered Memories all together for less than $60 I believe

  16. You can get dreams for $20 dollars and play the PT recreation on there, you'll be able to play PT and a bunch of other cool games people made and put on there

  17. They both have their pros and cons, but I would play with the soundtrack that’s made for this game first.

  18. So my first playthrough with the remakes ost, then my second with the original?

  19. Honestly this album is better than I thought, I've heard from people that Get to Heaven is their best album, and that the stuff they've released since just hasn't been nearly as good. So that made me hesitant to check out their other stuff, but I realized even if that is true, it's still a damn good album with several really good songs

  20. Dont mind the mess I took it in my mom's makeup room

  21. I love that second photo, it’s amazing!

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