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  1. Highly recommend looking at the local crime map. There are “tweaker hot spots”

  2. another suggestion is the ac drain mod thats cheap and effective

  3. Conservatives love to hate on California in any way they can. Even when the point they're going for is totally irrational

  4. This brutalist-looking Starbucks is located in Draper on 12300S just west of I-15 a few block and is commonly referred to as the “Prison Starbucks” due to its concrete exterior and black and white signage.

  5. Starbucks is preparing for the coffee apocalypse. Hordes of mindless uncaffeinated office workers clawing at the doors.

  6. On the SR / Sr5 you won't have the harness running down the passenger side of the frame that the instructions reference you to zip tie the solenoid wiring harness to. This was a little bit of a stumbling block at first.

  7. Wow, thank you for these details! I’ll be sure to message you for the harness pic or diagram if you have it. I’m generally pretty hesitant when it comes to wiring. Just don’t want to ruin something

  8. It is plug and play. You literally cannot mess it up. The connectors only fit where they are supposed to go.

  9. (Before photo) Any idea how much this will cost, I tried to buff out as much as I could. Tried to fix dent. Paint scraped off, dent, and scratched.

  10. If this was in the US, the bleeding paramedics in those vehicles: “call my SO for a ride to the hospital. I can’t afford an ambulance ride”.

  11. I’ve been saying this for years but we are basically Mexico to for Canada. I used to work on the border and we had plenty of Canadians driving down to avoid Canadian sales tax on goods

  12. Everyone in SLC has bad fashion sense. People generally wear what was trending, 6 months to 3 years after it was trending.

  13. Cutting down on watering lawns is a nice sentiment but not the answer to our big problem. (Down with alfalfa!)

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