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  1. Obvious copyright infringement (Oreos, Doritos, etc) Grammatical errors and spelling

  2. What I don't understand about flat earth is.. what is there to be gained from the earth being flat, or even just "knowing" that it is. With other conspiracies there's at least something to be gained. JFK assassination - Silencing/Taking out a president. Moon landing - Looking better than and beating the Soviets.

  3. Is this a copypasta from someone else, because that's twice now they've put "dad nabbit"

  4. Got banned the other day for verifying someone's 93 Boyz cart. It's a legitimate brand that I believe is black owned also and dude said it's fake, "check the list on the sidebar" Fuck your list buddy.

  5. These are sold in Illinois dispensaries. A couple bucks cheaper than some other brands. The joints are decent imo.

  6. Actually, nothing whatsoever will be remembered. One day the sun will supernova and swallow up the earth. And nothing guarantees that civilization will even be around THAT long to see it.

  7. It's because they drank from the garden hose and came home when the street lights turned on 😎

  8. Ahh if I remember correctly this is from a white supremacist website. W.A.R or something like that. White Aryan Resistance. There's way worse than this from there too.

  9. Just finished a mint ice cream recently myself. Pro tip: Buy High Supply over Cresco, owned by same company but you pay slightly less.

  10. Naperville is always on a list for "Nicest towns in Illinois" "Great places to live in the US" etc.

  11. Your "live resin" is most likely bottom of the barrel D8 distillate. Get you a Cresco, Verano or something bro, this shit is not in no damn dispensaries.

  12. Straight sent you to the land of Oz. Was there a scarecrow and a tinman there too?

  13. All these ranks mean absolutely nothing as the shit just resets every year. You could work your absolute ass off to become a 'Double Diamond' for one year then the next year only hit silver or gold. Always chasing that nonexistent carrot.

  14. Two hour trip plus head and back ache from potholes/construction driving.

  15. These are pretty decent for being a more budget brand and they're not too harsh on the hits either. Orange Soda is one of my favorites from &Shine.

  16. In my state they aren't 40 but yeah. They also make half's and full grams.

  17. I saw this in my news feed the other day too. Might not pay out as much as the FB one but worth a shot tho.

  18. Herbo, Rooga, Wooski. The Collab we never knew we needed, but finally got.

  19. Facebook outage? Oh, you'll really freak when it's shut down completely

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