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  1. Don't forget the "from bottom to top anthill" features too.

  2. In Australia we like the "down a 5m hole filled with water" package

  3. My in-laws gave us a tomato once, we weighed it and it was 600g. More than a tin of diced tomatoes

  4. that is crazy! so sad we didnt weigh this one!

  5. Yeah, looks like the same variety or tomato too. The one we had looked like a red pumpkin

  6. Nano and notepad.exe are the only two text editors you will ever need

  7. Kia Sportage and you honestly believe it is the best car ever made

  8. Oh god you’re right I’ve never noticed that, but now I can’t unsee it lol

  9. Like the lotus esprit having corolla tail lights

  10. Does the monitor face the open case so the photons blowing over the PC cool it?

  11. A workmate of mine once sent an email written like this to everyone at 1am from his phone. Has no memory of it

  12. This is not true you cant tell the sex of a pigeon by its colours or pattern etc. Only a vet can test for the sex to be sure, unless it lays an egg then obviously its a girl

  13. Correct except one exception is a red male, not all have a black feather but a female never does.

  14. Common pigeon, colour is known as red checker. Male, because it has a black fleck on its wing.

  15. Sorry Mercedes-Benz, the new eq series doesn't really butter my biscuits, guess I'll put another 250,000kms on my 1984 280e

  16. Funniest part is it's not even clickbait, this happens in the game

  17. Looks like an ai generated image of a bmw

  18. Some pigeons are naturally fat looking like Australian bronze wings, not sure about these ones though

  19. And a Pontiac LeMans in the US...

  20. I think we had it as a Daewoo lemans in Australia. I remember seeing one with what looked like a Pontiac badge but what google tells me is the Daewoo lemans had a triangle badge too

  21. Australian version is just the top left

  22. They’re from a rescue so I don’t know their exact breeds sadly

  23. Bernadette is a red checker, unsure of the other one, my uncle would know if no one else here can tell you.

  24. Here in Australia we used to have a beer in the northern territory that came in a bottle which I believe was 2.25L. sadly it is no longer made

  25. I'm sexually attracted to the virtual machine but I am really sorry

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