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  1. That is often said but not yet proven. Some historians looked into it but never found proof so recently. They did find proof in the US in the US tho

  2. Like little englander ‘historians’ ?.....🤡

  3. Suuuure.....Failed try little englander 🤡....

  4. China is 'colonizing ' Africa & South America -

  5. You mean the 🤡 from Tesla obviously 🙄

  6. I don't feel like sex or gender based discrimination really ties into an economic model. Seems like a really bizarre thing to even question.

  7. So in your opinion the late. ‘sudden resignations’ from leaders of New Zealand , and Scotland....even Germany.....are just odd coincidences?...all of them progressive female leaders....with a strong economic growth and support from their citizens ?

  8. Quite the opposite....because it seems to be the one thing that many socialists and capitalists have in common....very relevant indeed. And nice try but most of them are far right extremists...

  9. “The country’s generous pension system and early retirement have been a point of pride since they were enacted after World War II. Under the new law, the retirement age for most workers will be 64, still one of the lowest in the industrialized world.

  10. “Demand for secondhand resale online has been booming since the early days of the pandemic, generating a culture shift within the indie marketplaces where it began. Customers, many of whom have been feeling the squeeze of inflation, are fiending for lower prices, leading to more heated negotiations and occasionally ruthless bidding wars.

  11. the massive (unavoidable for life) student debt...the heavily underpaid jobs...the ‘scarcity ‘ of affordable housing...and health care’s not ‘like ‘ it was on purpose...right?………🤭

  12. Declaring bankruptcy just lets your debtors know you are now truly fucked financially. They'll still be there to claim your debt.

  13. Lier lier just want the banks getting more handouts from our taxes....🤡

  14. What does that even mean lol. Our taxes aren't what bails them out but okay...

  15. “They would receive a retroactive pay increase to $16 an hour back to October of 2022, and see their current pay increase to $17 an hour upon ratification of the deal. It would go to a minimum of $18 an hour as of December 3.

  16. “The layoffs at Walmart, a retail bellwether because of its size, could be a harbinger of further turmoil in the U.S. economy, which many economists predict could enter recession this year.

  17. “Institutions borrowed $53.7 billion from the Bank Term Funding Program as of Wednesday,

  18. “Reuters) -A unit of Saudi Arabia’s investment fund and an Abu Dhabi-based company are planning to invest in a multi-billion dollar funding round for Elon Musk-led SpaceX, The Information reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the discussions.

  19. It’s ‘like ‘ a kult ‘groomer’ town......if kulrist doesn’t blindly obey gets kicked out...or even faster if the konservative kultist dares to ask questions...🤭🤢

  20. Bold of you to think that a population who legitimately believes SVB wasn’t bailed out, will be intelligent enough to track the connection

  21. That’s just murikans...who just keep on repeating dogma krap......Americans know what their taxes are for: handouts for billionaires and their conglomerates...

  22. “The Service Employees International Union Local 99 seeks to increase what it calls poverty wages averaging $25,000 per year for many of their members including school bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers and classroom assistants.

  23. “Google (GOOGL), which for years ranked as the top company to work for in the United States, laid off thousands of workers by e-mail. And not just any employees: Decades-long veterans of the company, at least one employee on health leave, and even an employee in labor with her second child were all cut, with little explanation. Employees were left scrambling to determine who had been let go and those affected had no opportunity to say goodbye to colleagues or pack up their desks, former workers told CNN.

  24. Aptly stated. We do and will take care of unproductive members of our society through tax dollars and deficit spending.

  25. Like the far right extremists mooching from blue states taxpayers money.....obviously...🤡

  26. “The move has angered Credit Suisse AT1 bondholders as their investments have seemingly been lost, while shareholders will receive payouts as part of the takeover. Usually, equity investments would be classed as secondary to AT1 bonds.

  27. Let us not forget that the word capitalism was created by the creators of socialism [ Proudhon, Louis, etc .. ) in the middle 1800s to describe the big government, leftist, economic framework known as Mercantilism which was practiced by nations in the West at that time to include Russia

  28. 🤔...I feel conflicted between getting so much attention as in compliment...or just laughing... Wtf?………

  29. Idiot. So we're all in agreement that condoning terrorist massacres and those who carried them out for decades during the troubles was wrong?

  30. Like little englanders whinning ‘it was their ancestors ‘ crap?………while still dreaming about their ‘empire ‘...🤡....those murderers invading terrorists..?……

  31. “Members of the Coalition for 1099-K Fairness include: Aribnb, Bikelist, eBay, Eventbrite, Block, Inc. (for Square and CashApp), ETA, Etsy (opens in new tab), Goldin, Kidizen, Mercari, Noihsaf Bazaar, OfferUp, PayPal (opens in new tab), Poshmark, Inc.,

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