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  1. Yes we used to have 2 major fireworks shows in Seattle. The one over Elliott Bay, you could see from West Seattle and Beacon Hill. The one over Elliott Bay was more bombastic, while the one over Lake Union more 'artsy'. Don't know if that's the case anymore.

  2. Butt stuff? It's not just that. Like blow jobs from your wife?

  3. A pregnant woman was told her fetus was constant seizures .

  4. Most died from covid because the refused vaccines and masks.

  5. The problem is that have ditched all the constitutional norms in the Judicial sphere just like the Republicans have ditched all the constitutional norms in the political sphere.

  6. All fireworks are banned in king county. Good luck!

  7. Then he should not be going outside King County to bring in outlawed fireworks.

  8. That would be better than letting Trump appoint 3.

  9. The daily wire is right wing trash. You are wise to seek collaboration before believinbg anything in it.

  10. It may be July 1st in your time zone, but let me welcome you to The Cocaine zone.

  11. No. The institution is failing at stopping this insurrection.

  12. I never see the cars any more. Now all I see are scooters.

  13. She knows we all got erections reading about her nipples against the thin fabric of her loose blouse as her swaying nipples trace their path as she walks ac....

  14. Someone posted yesterday where the husband asked his wife of she thought anyone would commit suicide if they couldn't get an abortion.

  15. The opinion in favor of the WA state football coach clearly misstates the factual record about the public and coercive nature of his forced prayer groups.

  16. Russia upset that they can't beat the Ukrainian soldiers so they take it out on civilians.

  17. "Slave" has so many negative connotations.

  18. This will be no problem for this court because the court is not concerned about logic in the decisions. The pick their outcome and look for a way to justify it.

  19. The current theory is that the more times you catch COVID, the more serious your long COVID symptoms.

  20. Behind bought politicians are the wealthy who bought them. Funded the Federalist Society. Supported allies in abortion extremists and in gun rights. All with a goal of capturing the court with a group of partisan, unprincipled, extremists.

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