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  1. If you need somebody to talk to, you can reach out to me. Please don't do something to yourself because of other people. You are not alone, I am here for you

  2. When you say you 'are polyamorous', what do you mean? Polyamory is a practice and a relationship structure, and if you're not pursuing that then it's hard to say you're poly.

  3. What I meant is that I constantly feel like I would like to engage in the early relationship stage dynamic (call it the honeymoon phase if you will), not excluding the possibility to take thing further to a long term thing, with multiple people but I don't really know if that is a hint of my subconcius wanting a polyamorous dynamic or if it's just my traumatized subconcius longing for the attention, validation and feeling of being desired I got everytime I started interacting with new people amorously, like I was doing a few years ago.

  4. Stop focusing so much on figuring o out what you ARE and start looking at how you want to live your life. Read up on polyamory, follow spaces like these, see if you really want the extra complication, difficulties and challenges that come with having multiple partners.

  5. I have worked out my jealousy issues in therapy and I'm at the point that I rarely feel jealousy anymore and when I feel it I analyse it and realise where it comes from and I work it out with myself inside my brain instead of acting on it.

  6. Not best friend exactly but a colleague. I used to work with sound so we have multiple tiny offices in the building.

  7. I was a virgin and wasnt actively seeking any relationships, he was very experienced sexually but had never been with a guy and wanted to try it.. alot of trust and a good friendship, we were there for eachother 😁

  8. Girls that giggle during sex, when they have a cute little laugh interrupted by an intense moan that shit DESTROYS me

  9. Rough sex with bitting or thinking about eating my husband's cum out of someone else's pussy

  10. Short version, we met here she showed interest in me and my stupid ass grabbed on the the slightest interest she showed like a drowning man to a life preserver, and it scared her away. Old stupid foolish and anything more you can think of.

  11. She was so beautiful and she even stuck by me when I had a kinda meltdown. I wish I could get a do over but I honestly don't deserve one.

  12. All I can say is you did the best you could at the time and the only thing you can do now is to learn from your past

  13. Bro, any time a women shows me unsolicited attention/hits on me I think about it for a week. And it has happened like twice in my life.

  14. Best: (friends GFs friend in college) Hey they all said you couldn't get me off twice tonight? You going to take that?

  15. Ok first of all, as a parent, your child will always rely on you for love and protection. Do not betray his trust, don't be harsh on your child, explain what cyberbulying is and why nobody should experience that. Kaybe get help from a certified professional like a psychologist. Limiting their access to internet is not a solution, they will find a way. Teach them about risks and responsibilities.

  16. They invente a game that not even the smartest man could ever understand

  17. 6 year olds ripping farts louder than any other fart I have ever heard and not batring an eye, 10 year olds trying to pick-up female teachers the same age or even older than their mothers, kids arguing if my beard, my long hair or my tattoos are the scariest

  18. I would pay for articles in magazines and news bits on TV to make an image for myself of world's greatest scammer. Then I would get called to all kinds of tv shows, I would even have my tv show. People would pay me to scam somebody else, but instead I would just scam them. Profit profit profit

  19. Aaron's death metal version of Let it Go, Seether's Careless whisper, Leo Moracchioli's genie in a bottle, Bad wolves' Zombie and Nookie's Zombie

  20. In a perfect society, guys would tell their gf that they want silence for a few hours. In our society, we find a way to get away from it, be it gym, games, job or other hobbies.

  21. I couldn't tell you. I have this magic closet that keeps spawning new clothes. The weird thing is, it only started doing that after my gf moved in with me.

  22. He tied my shoes for me. Turns out one sneakers laces got loose, even the dude next to us said "That's smooth"

  23. Close your eyes, think of every part of your body and let your body fully relax. Empty you mind and pay attention only to your breath. When you feel soft and calm, imagine you are on a bench. To your left you see yourself when you were 6. To your right you see yourself 20 years in the future. Pay attention to the improvements you've made since you were 6 and the changes you went through. Then visualise how you would look 20 years from now, what you'll be doing, how you'll be doing it. Now focus on yourself and remember that you are enough, that you matter, that you have to take breaks from time to time. Think of how you will reach your 20 years older version. That is the best I can give you. But remember, don't overwork yourself, take breaks, take a sabbatical year to figure things out, don't put pressure on yourself.

  24. A big wave of warmth starting from my chest, the 3 words popping in my mind at the same time, the urge to just hold my s/o in my arms forever.

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