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Supreme Court rules on EPA's authority to regulate power plants' greenhouse gas emissions

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  1. I don't understand how someone who is NOT the elite person at the top of an authoritarian system can stand back and say that democracy, a government for the people BY the people, is a bad thing.

  2. Fwiw it's not the last few days - read up on the

  3. Please consider supporting the American Constitution Society, they have been the enemy of the Federalist Society since its inception 20 years ago and are trying to counter their shenanigans, however the big money just isn't there.

  4. It's not shadow money, it's the federalist society. This has been their goal for decades.

  5. If you want to counter the Federalist Society, please consider donating to the American Constitution Society, their sane arch-nemesis.

  6. I want to get one of their sport coats but I don't trust their "find my perfect fit" tool after getting burned on other retail sites. My most recent purchase was a sportcoat from Suitsupply, which was 40S. Does anyone know what that'd translate to with S+M?

  7. I wear a 36s with Suit supply but a 36r with S+M, You can try measuring the length of your sport coat from collar to tail and compare it with the length on the S+M size guide. Their fits are really close though.

  8. They will do random 20% off sales often, but it's normally just shirts, or suits, or pants. It's rare that they do site-wide sales.

  9. Also the 20% discount also applies to items that are already on sale so its an even bigger sale for those items.

  10. Well... hmm... With whatever it is, I doubt we'd be in this Supreme Court mess right now.

  11. So... to put this in perspective... that 250,000 salary bracket typically includes your highest paid lawyers and doctors....

  12. I live in a state where it's legal, but my corporate landlord says that any use is grounds for immediate eviction because it's still federally illegal.

  13. This isn't legal advice... but if your lease states what law governs the lease... (i.e. venue and jurisdiction)... that might be of use in the need to defend yourself against the "federally" illegal claim if it utilizes the laws of a particular state instead of federal... Again not legal advice, just an observation.

  14. 50% of caught serial killers, this could just mean California’s police are better at catching serial killers than most. And per capita Alaska has way more.

  15. I think it's more likely the SoCal police (LAPD) have more resources to access and are therefore more capable of engaging in these drawn out investigations than your average police force.

  16. Serial killer just means someone has killed two different people at two different times.

  17. I think it's 3 actually and there is a cooling down period between murders. Also the murder timeline spans longer than a month.

  18. America got sent back to the fckn old days cause of a mythical book and it’s nutzo followers . Every woman in America was shitted on today ….WTF 🤬

  19. The Bible actually doesn't say anything about abortion. These nutzo's are bastardizing and twisting it to fit their narrative.

  20. This sounds like disassociation/depersonalization. I too suffer this but have found (very recently) that telling yourself in your head that you are here and in your apartment (for example) kind of snaps me out of it. Basically, narrating what you are doing has been shown to snap people out of this void like trance. It's annoying to have to endure this every so often but I have yet to find a more permanent fix.

  21. I encourage you to reach out to your local 501st garrison to get some assistance and general info in putting together a kit. Also check out

  22. I think she got it back because that guy (Homer Hickham) went to bat for her

  23. Holy shit, I had heard about this but I had no idea it had to do with October Sky Homer! I loved that movie as a kid.

  24. Hey there, now that TM Lewin is back up, I've been looking to take advantage of their 4 for 140 deal but after several hours of searching I am at a loss. I can't seem to find any recent information online about shrinkage, can anyone with experience with TM Lewin chime in on whether they still shrink? I'm interested in their non-iron twill stuff but I'm not sure if I should use my standard 14.5 size or go up a half size.

  25. Maybe he's a tap dancer?

  26. Well guy on right is an Air Force officer, at least Major and above judging by the decorative sleeve band.

  27. I personally don't own any. I would like to one day but the variation of laws between the different states I regularly travel to makes it a burden to own one.

  28. What you describe is perfectly acceptable. What is not allowed, however, is a class that promotes worship of a particular religion. There is a difference between learning about different religions (i.e. exploring world view points) and being made to practice a religion and read the Bible/Quran/other holy book in a manner that makes you apply those religious principles to your own life.

  29. Can we agree the worst thing about the show so far is not the woods chase, not the magic tunnel, but that Vader couldn't blow out the fire a second time and just watched as his prize hobbled away?

  30. In the event that y’all don’t got this:

  31. Sorry for reviving an old post but this makes me happy considering I just missed the deadline for write on by a few seconds.

  32. An update to the situation I experienced in the begining of May which got a lot of attention here and this is the conclusion to it...

  33. New York City. It's such a massive city with a ton of public transportation... However, due its size, the walkability is incredibly poor so many people utilize their own cars to get to places and as a result, Traffic sucks horrible. Same with LA.

  34. That's amazing. But I got no one to go with me.. do you think going alone to celebration is a good idea? Haha I doubt it.

  35. Well, unlikely to be posted until Tuesday at the earliest now, considering that Monday is Memorial day.

  36. Getting involved in an expensive and time-consuming endeavor without first conducting the most basic amount of necessary prior research. Specifically, neglecting to consider the needed skillset and resources required to see such an endeavor through.

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