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Cop Resigns After Tackling 11-Year-Old at School

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  1. So are you advocating that the police execute the white dude too?

  2. No, I am advocating that people all get the sort of chance this Rucker does.

  3. Yeah but you lied to do it and started this chain of confusion and race argument so...BishmillahPlease don't do that.

  4. Mistakes are lying now? Neat, that’s sure going to make people open to being corrected when they make an error.

  5. What should be at the top is the behavior by the cop is text book example of why people get shot. That was a grown police officer who could not subdue an 11 year old girl. Regardless of whether he should or should not have been doing it, he could not restrain a child. Cops like this get into scuffles with full grown men, realize they’re not at all trained for situations like this, freak out, and shoot people. Train your cops better.

  6. The training is an issue, but there need to be uniform, evenly applied, and harsh consequences for those who fuck up.

  7. I've asked her countless times not too. My fiance is black and she has even used it in front of him!

  8. Please don’t expose your fiancé to that shit. He doesn’t deserve it.

  9. I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!

  10. and the chicken and milk bombs in the vents/above the drop ceiling on top of the heating vents.

  11. I've never met anyone who was offended by Christmas. Not even the most hardcore of atheists care about people celebrating a harmless winter holiday.

  12. Christmas is fucking irritating to me, because it has some of the worst music, the over the top consumption is repulsive, and if I leave the house I unfailingly lose Whammageddon, but I don’t hate it.

  13. It's times like these I'm so damn glad I'm an introvert, because fuck going out and trying to figure out this shit. I'll just stay home and watch the weather try to figure out what fucking season it is.

  14. I gave up trying to figure this shit out and have been reduced to throwing acorns back at the squirrels and trying to befriend the corgi-sized possum that lives under our deck.

  15. I got “critter food” for the squirrels where I live but they hate the corn. Wtf

  16. He wasn't even fleeing, he was walking into his own home, minding his own business, and didn't want to talk to the cop because again he was doing absolutely nothing other than trying to go home and eat lunch.

  17. btw, the mother has been banned. this isn't the place for the parents to show up and make an ass of themselves.

  18. Whores provide a valuable service to the world. This woman… does not.

  19. A psychopath? Because I can see clear as day the cure is worse than the sickness. At least you didn’t say white supremacist which is the usual go to for sheep .

  20. We do have an abundance of chicken littles who think the sky is falling. This pandemic is over with, it’s big money pushing the hype .

  21. The data from Iceland should be crisp given the sequence every case.

  22. Man, I really should have been born there. Science, but also elves.

  23. To be fair, these are the patients that would allow themselves to be tested for that, and the ones who didn't check out AMA in a breathless rage when denied ivermectin or whatever they're taking now.

  24. Wow, i kept expecting this to get better, but no, it’s pretty much entirely shit.

  25. I know. My cousin couldn’t conceive because of it. I read it as a grim joke.

  26. Then we'd all have to talk irl tho

  27. You have excellent taste in music and an absolutely terrifying gaze.

  28. Are you a child, or do you have to pay rent? Because those two things are not compatible.

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