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  1. Man wtf, this was really close to the real chapter

  2. Really good fight all thanks to spot weakness, our best block card

  3. Bocchi the rock and Akiba maid war are fucking amazing

  4. I only check Bitcoin price once a month when I buy it

  5. Theres plenty people telling me this: 'Import your wallet using wallet web extension. The token will show up' They are trying to scam me or what?

  6. It would be very inconvenient way to save 60 dollars on a hardware wallet IMHO. What software would you use on that phone to sign the transaction ?

  7. I was thinking of the "Romcom with a popular female mc and rather unremarkable guy" that became popular in recent years.

  8. Well, I don't think my dress up darling has an "unremarkable guy".

  9. No I know what an L is. I just don’t understand why it’s a loss. Selling it as art, digitally? Like I still don’t know why people get so upset when idiots buy idiots’ art.

  10. I guess people don't want reddit to make money from selling a piece of art that they didn't technically made

  11. Thank you, now I understand it a little bit more

  12. LN works on a penalty model. You and someone else lock a fixed amount of bitcoin into a “payment channel”, and from there you can trade back and forth within your channel as often as you like with that bitcoin. There is a key sharing mechanism built into these back and forth off-chain transactions that is important later.

  13. Hollow Knight making every possible variarion of the main theme for almost every boss fight

  14. I know it sucks having to wait till the 27th, but... No. There is no positive spin on this. If Crunchyroll can do it, so can Netflix. I won't pirate it as I want to support the studio as much as possible, but the temptation will be there.

  15. I think that if you are already paying Netflix, then there's no difference in pirating Komi-san or not. Plus, Netflix doesn't have good subs for Komi

  16. Well. To be honest, I mooch off my brother's Netflix account. Are the subs better on the high seas??

  17. It depends on the fansub, but yes. I didn't watch s1 on Netflix because I didn't like its subs

  18. Garnt has a portable charger that can power a small country.

  19. I missed the lore of that one, in which episode did he mention that?

  20. You could try other challenges, like a no-hit run, but if it bores you, then you should just play other games. I never saw dark souls as a game that could offer thousands of hours and still be a fun game to play, but there are people that still enjoy the game even after that many hours.

  21. Right, it's my favorite game but I hate being good at it.

  22. Also, there are a lot of mods you could try, enemy/item/fog randomizers are really fun to play

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