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  1. Oh god yeah….yikes. We tend to make plans and forget about them. This gets better as we get older but she’s probably just goofing around as she’s young and carefree

  2. Yupp, that's exactly what I thought. She's young(19) and pretty, so she seems to have a very carefree life. I doubt she ever hard to put a lot of thought into how to approach her crush.

  3. A lot of people have assumed I’m this way Bc I guess you could classify me as pretty and I’m still young but when I was younger I thought of life as a big game and didn’t take anything seriously. I mean I still don’t rly take things seriously but I’m more considerate of others feelings I think???

  4. Just let the ENFP be carefree for the time being, she’s still young. Be patient lol.

  5. It's the thought behind the gift that counts, I feel. Anyone can give a gift, but few gift meaningful ones.

  6. That’s what Xmas should be. The thought. But I feel like many turn it into this materialistic thing where it’s the day they can get what they want

  7. The last time my family felt like a full family was Christmas night many years ago. My Dad knew it was our final one before him and my Mom fully split so he made it extra special. Took us out to one of the fanciest buffets in town. Free flow champagne. I hit town with my older brother after and we kept drinking (We were both underage but went to an area we could get away with it). As a dumb way of showing my older brother I could fend for myself, I shoplifted more alcohol and ended up getting arrested that very night. The final night it still felt like I had a family, I was arrested. I don't have a record but this time of year is always a little difficult for me.

  8. I too thought I was an INFP, then I took a massive shit, had a good cry, and realized I was just a little depressed. ;P

  9. I know I’m for sure smart enough to cause damage and destruction in my wake. It’s my morale that prevents me from doing this. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself

  10. I’m agnostic but I definitely love to explore religions. I think there is definitely a higher power out there! :)

  11. she doesn't tell people to be sociopathic, or behave like her

  12. Yeah I watch her vids just to understand the way sociopaths think. She tells people how to get anything you want, get people to tell you whatever you want, etc. I don’t like it but again I watch for educational reasons

  13. Omg I watch her all the time!!! She’s on tiktok now too. You really think she’s ENFP? She gave me INTJ or INFJ vibes way more….

  14. What I like about them is that they often like to view the world philosophically as I do. I also like that they are good listeners (most of the time I feel like I listen to others but it isn’t that way with intjs). They seem good at following my crazy brain. And they are smart! I value intelligence in others.

  15. Yes I very much relate, and I’ve noticed all Intuitive types deal with this as society is largely designed around the needs of Sensing types. Sensing types are also roughly 75% of the population, so you won’t relate as easily to the majority. I’d highly recommend the book Braving The Wilderness by Brene Brown, as it’s a powerful look at the struggle of belonging.

  16. I was thinking this exact thought tonight at work. I thought to myself, I’m not crazy enough for the crazies but not normal enough for the normies. So where do I go?

  17. One thing one of my INFP best friends told me that is amazing, after I was crying over an amazing guy.

  18. Specifically ass-kissing someone who is actively oppressing you.

  19. I guess when someone has that much money they can make anyone bow down to them. Money is the worlds curse 😞

  20. I don't have to like my patients, but I absolutely have to provide them the same standard of care that I would provide anybody else.

  21. This is so sad. 😞 if she was drugged then it’s not entirely her fault!

  22. A lot of the time I feel empty on the inside, especially when alone. When I’m around people I think I tend to overcompensate and try to hide this feeling with humor, chaotic energy, etc.

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