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  1. Then there is the saying “Dry as a bone.”

  2. Go to a surgeon to get it removed.

  3. Because it's a well documented and well known fact that universal Healthcare costs countries less per person than private healthcare

  4. Not that I don’t believe you, but your source?

  5. God divides the waters of the heavens, establishes the firmament (sky) to separate them and creates dry land underneath.

  6. Maybe Luisa from Encanto is pointing to a change in this idea.

  7. I wish I could be as up front about things like this as you.

  8. People with want so many material possessions and not to go without anything, they will not want to have children, which would require them to sacrifice.

  9. Only if I could somehow do it as an invisible observer, but since we have cracked time travel—invisibility may be no big deal.

  10. I’m pro life and pro gun control. The consistency makes senses. I am also against the death penalty. That is what being pro life is all about.

  11. That the scientific method is reliable.

  12. I don’t know about terrifying, but I like “Last Thursdayism.”

  13. We are for sure in a simulation. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

  14. Simulation theory is intelligent design theory for atheists.

  15. Because people dispute your assertion.

  16. I went to college and got smart and lost my faith.

  17. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

  18. You conveniently left out the part where i said i don't agree with it.

  19. The ageism is not about the age limit; it is your description of 70+ people that relies on stereotypes.

  20. I'm pretty sure it's well researched and well documented that people lose cognitive ability and ability to think fast and critically with age. You also lose the ability to speak clearly, and have memory problems. A lot of research actually suggests it starts going down at age 40. Average life expectancy is 78. So yeah I think on average people's mental health goes down, before they die.

  21. If such research is out there it does not mean they are not necessarily incapable of the job. Nor does it mean that “ A 70+ year old person is so out of touch with reality,”

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