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  1. so what the hell did they do for an hour? just wait and listen to him shoot at the crowd the whole time? It must’ve felt like an eternity sitting there. Fear in this scenario is obviously understandable, but so many lives could’ve been saved even if they distracted him by letting him know they were outside the door.

  2. ??? No. Black Portland was a mixtape young thug released w bloody jay in 2014. I made this name in like 2017

  3. Tbh I don’t really like a lot of his early work , only some songs. Sounded too much like Wayne and I don’t like Wayne at all . 2016 and on is when I really really started liking a lot of his stuff

  4. saying you really didnt like the rich homie quan stuff? Bc ppl still say that jts legendary. I do think he turned a corner w Jeffrey however leading into So Much Fun. sMF was …a really fun summer record.

  5. NATO fleet with NATO grain transport ships, in and out. lets see russia fuck with that.

  6. Same. M3 probably my fav but the zK is the best msg iykyk

  7. What many do not know is that he was not a criminal defense lawyer in any capacity. Was not even certified to practice law at the time. Was “asked” to be on the team due to confidentiality reasons. He also reportedly was a pretty good man, he did not know OJ was guilty and that he was helping.

  8. Loose translation: we went backstage with our guns, found lil pump, told him “its coo bro we just want a pic” here’s the pic! He a really nice wey!”

  9. Glad to see not a SINGLE 🅱️6️⃣ vote. The undeniable classic of his discography.

  10. I'm not arguing that all of these things were readily available back then at all. But the other commenter stated 2007...and I was simply talking about the rough ranges of when LISK was operating...which I stated as "roughly" '95-2010. With the obvious insert that their may have been more victims earlier. Not enough is known.

  11. Also it wasn’t you. It was someone else who said vpns would be accessible to anyone tech savvy within the past few decades.

  12. The earliest VPNs were only available to the government and like. Major security corporations. VPNs were not even crested until about 1995. I’m not one to make conclusions on things that I simply cannot know. So. I’m not going to. However. I do know technology quite a bit and I almost guarantee nobody could cite a single case in the world predating like 2007 that utilizes a VPN to their identity etc. The technology was simply not there until a little bit later. That is all I was saying. Three decades ago ? Absolutely not. 1992 no. 1995 no. 1997 no. 2001 no. 2005….no but. Burner phone then possibly.

  13. Sounds abt right. We have lots of rehab private and social here.

  14. From my understanding it’s more inconclusive than that due to the long period until she was discovered. The tests we’re looking for traces in hair and bone which can depend on a lot of variables like frequency and type of drugs. Even if the tests were positive it wouldn’t definitively prove her condition that night.

  15. The first time was because JGreen called the dude he 'snitched on' to prove he didn't snitch. Second time was probably 1090 snake finally realised he was all wrong after JGreen proved him wrong once more on his IG story

  16. 1090 Jake loves to live by “the paperwork dont lie” until he was fingerpointed and then “the paperwork is a lie” i quit watching after that

  17. Def. Its one of the best guns in the game for sure. Supressor is an absolute must. Very few guns have that and an smg one is sorta OP. It also has a good amount of ammo and easy to handle

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