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Girl looks like shes "enjoying" moms cooking

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  1. This is the hardcover I was talking about.

  2. Pretty sure it's just Munchkin, but yes. My siblings and I used to play it all the time, we had all the expansions and everything.

  3. I’m pretty sure she is eating a stick of butter

  4. Someone posted an longer version of the video. What is in her hand is a napkin, and the food causing her problems was the spaghetti.

  5. This is some Mandela Effect BULLSHIT! I could have sworn she tried to eat butter in the original video.

  6. Turns out it’s a napkin in her hand, so yeah, it’s the spaghetti causing it.

  7. I went to see this in the theater when it came out. That week, someone wrote in to the local newspaper to complain that someone brought their kids to see this movie. Their letter was sort of a rant at that parent, asking them about the vampire girls sliding up and down on the pole, and why would they let their kids watch that? I didn’t remember such a scene, but I do remember that letter.

  8. UPDATE I’m gonna go digging around to see if I find some more, I’m not entirely surprised by this since I had an ex who apparently had some kind of “sixth sense” sight tell me I had a little Indian girl who liked to run around my house among other things so let’s hope I’m not sitting on a burial site😀 * UPDATE TO THE UPDATE* i didn’t find anything important, just a stick and a dried out feather, so ig the T-Drill was a one stop find, thank you all for your help in figuring out what I had, I’m gonna be taking it somewhere to get it dated and possibly see if I can return it to the tribe it came from all those years ago :)

  9. Just don’t dig anymore under your house without supports being placed. Long story short I am dealing with a place where the previous owners didn’t do it right and now the floors are sagging. It doesn’t take much shifting of dirt to do damage!

  10. I was, for some reason, thinking Pet Sematery but then realized you meant Poltergeist haha

  11. Isn't oatmeal just American for porridge?

  12. Yes, it’s the same. It’s funny, when I was a kid I read English fairy tales, the ones printed in England, and they had the bad endings or the bloody justice dealt out to the bad people. I wished dearly that I could try porridge, when I learned much later that I had been eating porridge for breakfast my whole life!

  13. Not to undermine your point in any way, but I have come to realise this is actually exactly how I like my porridge... water, pinch of salt. Savoury oaty yum. I was so distressed the first time somebody told me this was = gruel, although I'm pretty sure gruel has a much higher and sadder ratio of water to oats than the way I make it.

  14. Nothing wrong with oatmeal, it’s a healthy and filling breakfast! It’s just that Effie thinks it is a proper meal for more than once a day. People do need their proper nutrition and vitamins, oatmeal provides a little plus a whole lot of fiber. Maybe Effie should eat oatmeal for every meal for a week.

  15. One dropped out of a damp washcloth as I was applying it to my face yesterday. I like spiders, but that was startling af.

  16. I still run away when I am surprised too! Then I catch it in a cup if it isn’t so fast it gets under a piece of furniture.

  17. Imagine paying 100k to study at an university and they spend your money buying military vehicles

  18. They don’t buy them. Often, these vehicles are donated by the military who just want them to have a good use.

  19. It seems that conservatives of any kind are only good at running up debt and mismanaging the economy now, the sooner all the old people stop voting them in again and again the better (or even better get everyone young voting so we can outvote them), in the UK we used to have the Whig party which I think is more aligned with your current Republican Party but they lost power and dissolved be a use they couldn’t or wouldn’t update their mindset for the people of the time and they were around for nearly 200 years, it can be done

  20. The U.S. used to have a Whig party too but I don’t know what happened rot them. I think it was in the 1800’s.

  21. If you let them dry out, and the husks fall off, hickory nuts are fine eating! You gotta use a hammer (with the nut on concrete) to break the shell, or a very sturdy nutcracker on them, but they are really delightful!

  22. These are the best spatulas for flipping eggs. I like over easy eggs and these spatulas are the best for perfect over easy eggs.

  23. I'm realizing I've had a few of these things. One minute I'm doing something and then the next moment is literally 3-4 hrs later. My dog is looking at me like she doesn't know or trust me, until I cuddle with her. I had a roommate ask me if I'm ok the next day, but I have no memory, and are not fatigued as someone who just went through 3-4 hours of emotional trauma.

  24. For the sake of your dog, get help. If your dog is afraid you might be hurting it. Please get help and also get a camera so you can see how you behave in these states.

  25. My buddy wanted me to create a server to host games off of. I ordered the ram, cpu, r630 chassis, and some hard drive caddies.

  26. Well, I’m glad you did the right thing. Also, I get the feeling that the person who messaged you was fixing to lose his job if it wasn’t resolved. I’m surprised he didn’t offer a store credit or something but he might be way underpaid.

  27. if you're out of the loop, a woman recently shot a husky and skinned it, believing it to be a "wolf pup" and posted it on facebook. She argued with everyone telling her it was, in fact, someone's pet dog... and insisted it was a wolf. Hopefully the game warden finds her, arrests her, hits her with a huge fine, and she gets a hunting ban for life.

  28. That is pretty amazing. I know that little kid me would put the faces in the wrong holes just for fun so I could have a lion-ephant, or some other mixture. Very cool!

  29. I was also r*ped and for a while I didn't like people walking up behind me real close, but I responded with being jumpy. I didn't scream at people, I didn't make a scene. I have anxiety and I hate having an anxiety attack in public because I don't like being stared at when I'm having a panic attack so if I felt anxious enough that it might devolve I would just go home. I didn't go many places for a while during my treatment for my PTSD because I didn't want to get triggered in public. One time I got triggered trying to sleep over a friend's house and I ended up locking myself in her bathroom and calling my dad to come get me while bawling my eyes out. Thankfully I didn't drive myself there so I didn't have to worry about leaving my car there overnight. I'm much better now and very rarely get triggered by much.

  30. I have high anxiety in crowds and I hate being touched, but rather than do something like this I will walk out without any purchases. I’ll just try another day. Not sure why she wants to make a scene - she is most likely mentally disabled and unable to cope. Probably the cops came, if I have to guess. It will be an even worse day because she wasn’t taught to just leave before a scene takes place.

  31. I'm from the Midwest and sound like I'm straight out of the movie Fargo. My accent is real and THICK.

  32. Oh, you must be north, like West Illinois or even Wisconsin. I just visited my friends up there, I loved to hear them!

  33. Whatever these people have been drinking, I want some. I am from the Midwest and we DO have accents. The only people who don’t notice is the ones who never travel out of their state.

  34. From the U.S., have never had some of those, so you will have to tell us what you think!

  35. Have i been wrong about wasps? Are they friends?

  36. They aren’t an instant enemy. If you don’t jostle their nest or breathe near it, it won’t be a problem for you. Only once in my life did a wasp randomly sting me. All the rest of the times I was by their nest.

  37. Braver than me, although it’s getting colder and they aren’t so angry as in a hot month. At this time of year I also see them eating from fallen fruit, or maybe they are eating the things that eat fallen fruit.

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