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  1. I was watching that spen dude on the way to work and I heard him say youre not invincible with the super so you gotta watch out how you jump onto people.

  2. Y'all remember that game that came out before brawlstars? It had super similar characters like dynamike and others, i forget the name but it's how I found out about brawlstars

  3. Wait, do you have an issue with your left bud not connecting? I have that problem. Have to take them back to the shop😣

  4. How did you change the status bar design?. Can't seem to change on hex

  5. Thats is the Android q theme from hex should the second one that is already on there

  6. Still down? I got a sick group you can join!

  7. Hi my name is Anialator9. If that doesn't work I can get friend when I'm off work. Look forward to playing with you

  8. Black? I found the centre drive on Amazon, thanks.

  9. Sorry I thought you meant that yours was black but it's obviously not according to the picture. Not fond of the black anyway - yours is way nicer imo.

  10. It actually is black. Maybe a more worn black due to use but yes the black variant exists. The photo doesn't do it justice either

  11. After seeing this it now makes me really consider on carrying a multi-tool on my key ring.

  12. Yeah I was also optimistic because I didn't like the idea of using the tool while attached to keys but I found this thing and I use it everyday.

  13. To everyone listing their quick release gadgets, thank you. I have stolen every single one of your edc tech.

  14. Nice choice, loving my Note 9 still and not expecting to change for abit especially if the Note 10 follows in the S10's footsteps of putting a hole in the screen and moving the fingerprint reader to the front.

  15. Yeah I was thinking between s10 or s10e. The minor little pin hole is ok for me but the bigger cutout on the + I don't like so note 9 it was in terms of size vs s10

  16. Life pro tip: don’t roll your vehicle.

  17. The thing holding your car key is magnetic? If so could you link it?


  19. Thanks. They hold up well? I've had 2 diff kinds that the magnet has separated from the holder

  20. Yup submit it for warranty repair. I chipped the tip off mine, mailed it in and about 2-3 weeks later it arrived back repaired.

  21. My biggest problem with it are the pliers. For some reason, I could never seem to get a tight hold with them, they kept slipping when I'd try to grip something tightly enough. I absolutely love the bit driver, but the pliers plus the size make it hard to be my EDC. I wish they'd make a smaller version, closer to rebar size. Has anyone else had an issue with plier grip?

  22. I wanted one but thought the same thing...that it'd be cheap. I'm a Leatherman Charge Ti owner and wasn't sure getting the Center Drive would come close. I'm really into the extended driver and full size bits - what's your take on it?

  23. For the price, I wouldn't think it'd feel this cheap. Besides that, I like the one hand use of pilers, knife, and full extend driver. Proprietary bits are what keep me away from leatherman. Got a hard day tomorrow at work where the center drive could come in handy. I'll update on what I think of it then.

  24. How do you like your samsung headphones? I"ve had mine for a year now and Im a little dissapointed in them.

  25. I think the sound is really great imo. I like techno, 2000s trance, 90s hip hop and 80s metal, and they fit my needs pretty well. They aren't too optimal for pocket carrying but I do it anyways. Sometimes they take a good closing of the case to actually charge but that's only sometimes. My biggest thing about them is when you leave them untouched for a couple days they will be dead no matter what. Overall they fit my needs, last a long time when in constant use and pair to my phone very fast. Don't have any plans of buying any new headphones anytime soon.

  26. I was looking for it. Didn't see it and was appalled


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