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  1. Yeah great news on Marco, interested to see Bello too now he’s done with Argentina. Pifeleti played most of the match v Heat, some dodgy throwing though, I’d start Dan over him!

  2. I agree. It’s odd, Pieleti’s throwing had seemed much improved before his injury / international duties and he also brings a certain physicality to the role. Dan is indeed better at the attack and better throwing though.

  3. Yeah…that was my concern as well. Two guys took bad head injuries, poor Marco seems to have seriously injured his “good” knee, and who knows what is going on with RAH. We’ve also got Mako away with England duty and Bello away with Argentina.

  4. People are always rightfully cautious of China and other powers building their own carriers that might rival or surpass US carriers in quantity or number, but for some reason all the hot take articles always skip over just how much damn maintenance and upkeep it takes to keep one carrier going, less alone several. That’s a skill in an of itself, and one that takes a while to perfect. Any time a country’s fleet has grown massively in a short period of time, it seems fair to question how effective it is.

  5. Me sitting in Atlanta trying to figure out why they can’t get a good official name and logo up and running

  6. Yeah expansion names have been very hit-or-miss

  7. With RATL the fan made nickname of Rattlers / RATLers actually seems to have stuck but it was so obvious up front. Why didn’t anyone see that? 😂

  8. Anybody have any info or knowledge of him? I don’t keep up with LI.

  9. I’ve definitely done that myself. It is very frustrating. I had to remove the stitches and start from the beginning (or at least the beginning of where the issue started).

  10. I didn’t get to see the first 45 so I’ll have to catch the replay. What happened to Riccioni? Please tell me it wasn’t his knee…

  11. We’ve just been jinxed at hooker this season, haven’t we? Theo is 4th choice, right?

  12. Just realized Eduardo Bello was quite obviously playing for Argentina today so he’s been away for international duty.

  13. I watched it. Honestly, it was a grind but I didn’t hate it. It felt like we slowly strangled them. There’s something to be said for that. I’ll wait for your usual excellent summary to add specific thoughts.

  14. Also want to add that Judge did really well today! I was very glad we got him back, especially given what happened with Worcester just after he left.

  15. I was pleased to see Maro making an effort to avoid silly penalties.

  16. Always worries me when a player like Mako collects an early yellow as he's prone to stupid decision making that could well lead to a second.

  17. Fair point but maybe he was winded and instead of his old “contact lens replacement” routine he went for a solid 10 minutes + half time rest.

  18. Mawi out because of his HIA from last week perhaps? And Marco out for rest? Trying to save him for when we lose everyone else maybe?

  19. Marco was struggling all through the Bath match with something, took a lot of treatment through the match.

  20. I thought I noticed him with a twinge or two. Better to save him and not rush things. Knee injuries are tough to come back from.

  21. I’ll just say it…I don’t care about Autumn Nations Series at all. I know the players do but damn it, leave our stars alone and stop breaking them. We’ve got a premiership to try to win. 😂

  22. Nicely summed up, I felt uneasy at 37-24 which is very odd for us at home.

  23. I think I was proven to be correct in my apprehension unfortunately. It felt like that type of game coming into it, as Bath were due. The late scratch of Tompkins showed too. We lack some physicality in the backs and Lawrence trashed us for it at times. I’m hoping Mawi is ok. Depth at prop is being tested for sure.

  24. I’ve been telling people that Ollie Lawrence is a good player for far too long now

  25. That was such a powerful run and keeping the ball free was excellent

  26. He left for more money. A sensible person would do some due diligence on the organisation and note that this issue with the bonds has been rumbling for some time.

  27. True but I also wonder how much the lower salary cap played into his departure. We might just not have been able to afford him anymore, right? Not without a significant pay cut.

  28. Possibly, and that's fine. But I'm struggling to see there being a shortage of clubs interested in a world cup winning front rower.

  29. Yeah, I guess I just meant a home in the Prem might be hard to find given the state of the cap. Do you think France or the URC might be more likely? Or I suppose a stint in Japan for bag of money.

  30. For some reason I’m really apprehensive about this game. Bath seems due for a win and I’d hate for it to be us…

  31. I think Segun, Harris and Maitland are all injured so Howe provides very decent backup.

  32. I’ve been wondering about Segun. And Maitland seemed to aggravate something on his try that almost failed…

  33. Definitely need the help at lock! I don’t know much about Kitchener, anybody have a good assessment?

  34. Van Zyl has looked really good as of late. Do we think he may have earned the starts going forward?

  35. So very much to work on, and McCall won’t be pleased, but it’s better to get the win when you aren’t playing well than not win at all…

  36. No Goode, no Itoje, no Tompkins, no Segun. Some of that may be the rest schedule but any news on the others?

  37. I was hoping to see Segun or Maitland start this week given Lewington butchered a couple of tries last weekend

  38. Why would the Russians release this? Do they think this looks cool?

  39. High Country Rugby (D3) plays and practices in the middle of Atlanta itself. We welcome any player, no tryout necessary. We practice Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM in Coan Park in Atlanta.

  40. I’m actually a Saracens fan and I read this wrong and thought it said who do you dislike most and I voted for London Irish…

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