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  1. So the property has an official plan designation as ‘Open Space’ which would not permit residential development. As far as I’m aware, Windsor has enough land inventory for residential development earmarked for the next 10 years, so it’s extremely unlikely they would change the OP designation fi permit any form of residential development. It also appears to have environmental controls and flood risk issue, which would also severely dampen future development.

  2. Thanks. I was afraid of that.

  3. I would have purchased an EV in 2020 when my lease ended, but Doug Ford canceled EV rebates, which put it out of my price range. We went with a hybrid instead. I'm still angry about it.

  4. You probably saved a lot of money. Keep in mind you have to replace the battery eventually and those things are 20k

  5. the battery thing is way overblown... manufacturers all warrant the battery pack for at least 8 years and they on average last way longer than that, it probably needs replacement less than how often people replace whole cars... not to mention 8 years down the line the battery tech would've advanced so far that your current battery would be pretty cheap by then..

  6. Can you show me a liberal state that has solved their homelessness?

  7. We've never adequately funded resources to stop homelessness. Policy change to make affordable housing, empty home taxes, limited foreign buyers, increasing social services, UBI, various things to combat homeless but it's not a one thing will fix it. It has to be a multipronged approach.

  8. We need the black guy from Toronto who rides the Subway dressed as a Dark Souls boss

  9. Private health care, like most of the developer world?

  10. What lead you to believe I'm unemployed? Is it because I don't simp Ayn Rand? Or maybe it's because I advocate democratic action?

  11. If you can't figure out why I would think you're unemployed, I would return your degree.

  12. You told me to get a job. Offering nothing but snark. (At least perceived by me.)

  13. That sounds bad and a waste of money. Did they vot on it?

  14. Yes, I would agree. I am just responding to the notion that less cars is better for all businesses. I am in favour of bike lanes, although I'm suspect on them during winter months but I don't care enough to make that important.

  15. This is a cyclist dominated sub, you even mention the cons of bike lanes they give you death threats.

  16. Sorry, the typical homeowner is rich. The real estate equity alone in the vast bulk of homes is huge. Property taxes have been below inflation for years, which has further juiced their wealth.

  17. All costs are passed down, while it may not happen immediately, eventually renters will also see the burden.

  18. I don't think the renters laughing at homeowners realize this going to hurt them more in the long run. Rental properties pay huge tax

  19. You do know that renters are going to be hit hard by this too, right?

  20. You can afford to live on your own, you just do not want too.

  21. Yes. Because people say meta analysis all the time without understanding what it means. /S

  22. i just went back and read the whole thing and the number you're referring to on the

  23. It's used as a barometer for afforded housing. It's the current rent people pay in the city. Its not current market rent as market rent doesn't tell you what people pay on average.

  24. For those of you who say they deserve bail because they should be treated as innocent until proven guilty, etc., what do you think of the reports of them smirking and giggling in the court? Teens aren't dumb and likely know that the young offenders act will protect them from serious repercussions. I also highly doubt they will comply with their conditions. Who will be watching them? I doubt the parents will do much, if anything. What can be done to rehabilitate kids who have this attitude and willingness to commit acts of violence?

  25. I don't think we need a prof on the board. I'm fine with BIPOC members who are police officers being included. Academic theory is going to struggle with the nuisances of what is really happening because their discipline is also in a bubble, a protected one that is no longer challenged for creditability as universities shift to asset acquisition vs educating their students as their prime objective.

  26. Police officers, judges, justices of the peace and people who practice criminal law as defence council are not able to sit on the board.

  27. Anyone more familiar with this, lend a hand with their knowledge.

  28. It was up on Amazon yesterday. They pulled the listings down though. So you can’t open the page anymore

  29. Okay. How to read that? It may go back up soon or it was early considering it's June 2023 it is supposed to release?

  30. John Tory and Doug Ford have not invested in housing and providing mental health support for the homeless. Shelters are less safe than jails (apparently) so homeless people ride the subway to stay warm. Tory also authorized the closure of shelter hotels in November, and the removal of encampments from around the city. People have had their entire lives thrown in the dump (in the case of the encampments) and lash out at the public. That and apparently some teens are acting super-violent, not sure what that’s about.

  31. Or there is no enforcement and people can get on the TTC easily. this isn't a conversative problem

  32. Fangamer releases get released in regular stores. EBgames, Amazon etc will all get this. Don't bother preordering on, and needlessly paying customs/shipping!

  33. What do you mean. Like I can buy this without shipping? How sure are you that it will appear

  34. Eh, I agree we need better checks and balances. I also think that we need better accountability. Idk about adult jail, but if you're 14 and already doing shit like this, something has gone terribly wrong in your life and you need strong corrective action that is not possible in a normal school system. Likely a small bout of "kid jail" + mandatory enrollment in cadets and/or a weekly social mentorship program. If you go to both without fail for a prolonged period of time, your record is "clean" and you get a second shot. If you miss too many meetings without advanced notice, the punishment escalates. The parents have likely already failed the kids to a large degree, but sometimes it's not on the parents.

  35. Some people you cannot save and not everybody has fallen through the cracks. Some people are POS and we need consequences to make those people think about doing stuff in the future

  36. One of the reasons I am happy to have left Toronto

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